Power secure digital workspaces with Citrix and HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Citrix are partnering to offer a complete set of digital workspace solutions to help thousands of organizations across the globe power a productive, secure, and distributed workforce. Together with Citrix digital workspace solutions, HPE is bringing their proven and innovative cloud to edge solutions and services to help customers get up and running fast.

Citrix and HPE collaborate to safely return employees back to the office

Learn how Citrix and HPE Pointnext Services help you lead the return to the office.

HPE and Citrix lead the way on remote work and the journey back to the office

For many years, we have delivered end-to-end workspace, virtualization and remote work solutions to some of the world’s most innovative organizations. We are here to help you adapt and succeed through this new normal by providing cost-effective and adaptable solutions to make your remote workforce more secure and productive for the long term.

HPE Pointnext Services provides advisory and professional services to help streamline processes and ensure a quick and successful Citrix digital workspace solutions implementation. Whether deploying Citrix solutions in the cloud, on premises, or anything in between, HPE Pointnext future proofs your architecture and protects your Citrix investments to ensure all of your business demands are met.

Learn more about Citrix and HPE joint solutions

HPE Pointnext is a fully integrated product and technology services leader that can design, implement, and manage your full portfolio of Citrix digital workspace solutions and DaaS and VDI in the public cloud, on premises or any combination of hybrid cloud. Whether making permanent new remote work use cases or transitioning teams back to the office, HPE Pointnext Services provides end-to-end Citrix advisory and transformation services to help you manage through this new normal.

New HPE Pointnext employee wellness, smart social distancing and touchless office microapp connectors with Citrix digital workspace solutions allow your employees to return to work and interact productively and confidently with each other while in the office.

HPE Pointnext and Citrix digital workspace solutions work together to leverage your existing apps and workflows to provide a unified and personalized experience for your employees whether at home, on-the-go or back in the office.

Citrix and HPE believe that a remote work enviroment should allow employees to succeed in any market condition or unexpected events without compromising security or productivity. HPE Pointnext can rapidly design and deploy the full portfolio of Citrix remote work solutions in any hybrid cloud architecture. Including HPE GreenLake VDIaaS with Citrix Virtualization, a turnkey service platform for customers of all sizes that offers the rapid scale, management and economic benefits of a hybrid cloud solution.

With Citrix-based remote work solutions, HPE can help:

  • Grow your business with hybrid cloud solutions to provide a unified, secure and productive employee experience 
  • Scale your IT infrastructure to meet sudden shifts in demand 
  • Respond quickly to customer needs, even during business disruptions
  • Maintain IT visibility and control 
  • Use insights to make informed decisions 
  • Eliminate VPN connection challenges and security concerns with micro-VPN delivered apps and services 

HPE offers a range of tested and validated virtual app and desktop solutions for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Users have choice and flexibility to deploy Citrix-based, hybrid cloud solutions across market leading HPE-based platforms. These platforms include:

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