Reinventing the way of working with Citrix and HCL

The workforce is changing to a modern, hybrid work model. During this transformation, it’s imperative to enable your employees to do their best work with minimal disruption. Citrix and HCL keep the employee front and center by delivering an agile, flexible and scalable model with integrated security.

Explore the value of the Citrix and HCL partnership

HCL LibreSpace Framework incorporates Citrix digital workspace solutions and Citrix Analytics, with built-in features that simplifies workloads and offers a seamless self-service to the modern user. And with HCL advanced IPs and practices, enterprises can reach new levels of agility and productivity, transforming the workplace experience with trusted security at every point.

Micro-personalized user experience

A single solution addresses the needs of a broad range of users, from diverse mobile work needs to power users.

State of the art IPs

Modern workspace combined with best of the breed solutions powered by active analytics, automation self-help solutions and cognition.

Accelerated and scalable deployment

A combination of validated reference architectures, experienced workplace architects, and advanced automation reduces time to market.

Modernized security

A zero trust framework incorporates the latest technologies for security and compliance.

Resilient workspace

Proactive management ensures reliability and adherence to uptime SLAs.