Exceed user expectations for virtualized apps and desktops with Citrix and Cisco HyperFlex

Citrix DaaS and VDI solutions on Cisco HyperFlex give your employees a digital workplace that can be accessed from anywhere—with the performance expected of a physical desktop. Set up in under an hour. Provision in seconds. All with management so simple that one team can run the entire stack—from application to infrastructure.

  • Dramatically reduce data storage and application management costs.
  • Implement, manage and protect virtualized workloads from a single console.
  • Deliver the reliable, accelerated performance your users require.

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With Cisco Hyperflex for Citrix cloud services, you can deploy scalable, secure, fully integrated hybrid cloud virtualized desktop environments in hours, not days. Automated, centralized control of your desktop images lets you respond quickly to increases in demand, provide faster provisioning, create a better user experience, and reliably deploy desktop resources.

Apps and data reside on premises under your control—behind your security layers—and users interact with the apps and data through an encrypted connection. You control the access and the data. Centralized management, automated workflows, and rich reporting functionality also make it easier to maintain security and compliance.

The scale-as-you-grow solution provides the ability and flexibility to scale up and down to support your workforce. Stay ahead of the competition by providing your users secure access to the apps, data, and computing horsepower they need, wherever they are, on whatever device they prefer. Cisco HyperFlex delivers powerful on-premises infrastructure that easily adapts to changing user needs and supplies the performance required for their mission-critical workloads.

With Cisco Hyperflex for Citrix cloud services, you don’t have to worry about over provisioning, you only buy what you need. Using the centralized, automated management functionality, your administrators can manage most workflows with a few clicks, significantly reducing the cost of managing desktops. Having hyperconverged compute and storage in the same appliance eliminates the need for storage networking appliances and saves a considerable amount of power and space. Virtualized desktop environments can be created from power-on to desktop deployment in 2 hours or less, freeing your IT staff to work on projects that improve and enhance your value chain.

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