Connecting the workforce

A Citrix partner since 2010, Capgemini delivers flexible, cost-effective end-user experiences to clients around the world. Together, we lead the industry in managed workplace services. Capgemini and Citrix develop ground-breaking innovation to create a more flexible, secure and agile workplace for enterprise customers.  

Create the connected workplace

My Workspace from Capgemini and Citrix brings together preferred desktops, apps, and data and provides a single, secure point of access for all IT services across multiple channels. It takes a user-centric approach to workplace automation by implementing comprehensive application and platform services built around a tailored workplace persona.

Leveraging Citrix digital workspace solutions, My Workspace delivers best-in-class user experience and complete integration with both new and existing systems. This solid foundation, combined with Capgemini's comprehensive transformation and support services and modular reference architecture, enables organizations to drive digital transformation and give employees great flexibility, while keeping security at the highest level.


Benefits for users

  • More productive and engaged, with greater job satisfaction 

  • Greater choice of devices they can use and the hours they choose 

  • Fewer restrictions and limitations imposed by IT and corporate policies 

  • Services are faster, more intuitive, more convenient, and more reliable. 

Benefits for IT

  • Cut cost and complexity, opening the door to service automation 

  • In many cases, no longer having to purchase endpoint devices for users 

  • Brings together multiple disparate IT services under a single management platform, increasing management efficiency
  • Provides anytime/anywhere access to all needed resources 

  • Supports a broader range of non-standard workflows 

  • Provides strong security 

  • Tailored to user personas

Benefits for the Business 

  • Can execute strategic priorities and accelerate innovation 

  • Can increase the availability of staff time and financial resources
  • Greater attraction for top talent and graduates

Connect digital workspaces with the physical world

My Workspace and Citrix Octoblu empower organizations to embrace IoT through innovative integration services and secure real-time data exchange.

An IoT enabled My Workspace can:

  • Drive productivity by pre-launching virtual desktops and
apps when you are entering the office, connecting to nearby printers, automating teleconferences, adjusting lighting, reporting room utilization and allowing easy access to multimedia equipment 

  • Reduce costs through optimizing office and parking space, deploying predictive analytics on building capacity 

  • Reduce carbon footprint by adjusting office lights or air-conditioning

Ultimately, My Workspace empowers employees to Work Their Way.