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Learn about the Citrix Ready program

The Citrix Ready Program is a technology partner program that helps software, hardware, and services companies, of all types, develop and integrate their products with Citrix technologies for Digital Workspace, Networking, and Analytics.  After a robust testing process, validated partner solutions are listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace, giving customers and channel partners a simple and effective way to explore and select Citrix Ready verified solutions-increasing confidence while reducing risk.

Become a Citrix Ready Partner

Benefits of being a Citrix Ready Partner

  • Get the expert support you need to integrate and validate your product, solution, or service by working with our technical support experts
  • Showcase your offerings to over 400,000 customers and 10,000 resellers by listing your profile and solutions in Citrix Ready Marketplace
  • Choose from a host of technical and marketing benefits to suit your particular needs, and drive awareness and demand for your offerings

Expand your business reach with Citrix Ready

According to a 2018 partner survey, 84% of Citrix Ready Partners have said that their technical and marketing engagement with us has helped them reach and expand on their target audience, while driving awareness and leads for their business.

Citrix Ready Marketplace offers

A simple and effective way to explore and select compatible solutions.

Increased confidence and trust that the joint solutions will work as advertised.

Over 30,000 verified people-centric solutions from 650 active Citrix Ready partners.

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