Citrix and Microsoft partner to accelerate the future of work

Employees need a consistent experience and seamless access to the applications and insights vital to doing their best work wherever work needs to get done – in the office, on the road, or at home. Together, Citrix and Microsoft are reimagining a new, flexible workplace. We are helping organizations accelerate the move to the cloud and speed adoption of digital workspaces and virtual desktops to enable greater agility, productivity, and security. 

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Citrix on Azure

Reduce overall IT costs and increase efficiency with Citrix DaaS solutions on Azure.

Increase the efficiency of your data center with Citrix ADC for Azure hosted applications.

Simplify and optimize branch office network deployment with Citrix SD WAN and Azure Virtual WAN Service.

Citrix on Microsoft 365

Reduce cost and complexity with Citrix DaaS solutions for Windows 10 and Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop)

Enable secure productivity and enhance productivity and user experience with Citrix solutions for Office 365.

Embrace digital workspaces and expand enterprise mobility with Citrix Endpoint Management Apps and EMS.

Citrix brings key technologies to Windows 365

Citrix and Microsoft are working together to extend the Windows 365 experience with Citrix HDX high-end graphics technology and more.  Get on the list to be the first to learn about the upcoming Citrix offering for Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

Why Citrix + Microsoft is one of the most powerful partnerships in the industry

Microsoft Gold Certified Global ISV

SD-WAN preferred partner for Azure Virtual WAN and Microsoft’s “Works with Office 365” partner

“Authorized by Microsoft” Azure Virtual Desktop provider

Microsoft Azure is a preferred cloud platform for Citrix

Citrix ADC preferred partner for Azure DNS