Modernize your IT security

Keep company data protected while fueling employee productivity

It’s little wonder nine in 10 companies are concerned about growing security challenges—and not just because breaches continue to reach new records.1 With employees conducting as much as 60% of their work away from desks, the potential for compromised accounts is everywhere.2

But creating too many IT hurdles can lead to headaches for employees, slowing down productivity and turning routine tasks into tedious, time-consuming processes.

Find and stop threats faster

With a crystal-clear view of network traffic, users, files and endpoints, it’s easier than ever to stay ahead of both internal and external threats. It doesn’t matter which app an employee is using or what area of the workspace they’re accessing. Citrix Workspace with Citrix Analytics gives IT a complete picture of the entire environment at all times. Machine learning and artificial intelligence let you diminish the dangers to company data from hacks, malware and end-user mistakes…long before they ever happen.

Keep compliance in check

Whether you want to stay ahead of the latest regulations or need to meet strict industry standards, Citrix Workspace has you covered. Decide who gets access to what based on job roles, locations, devices and activities. You can lock down confidential customer data when a mobile device leaves the job site. Or you might decide to turn off specific services, such as USB ports or copying and pasting, based on real-time compliance checks. We've made it remarkably easy for companies to meet even the toughest requirements including HIPAA, PCI, CIPAA and GDPR.

Enable secure collaboration

With credit score-style behavior analytics that make it easy to stay ahead of suspicious activity, you can keep teams connected and collaborating without worry. Sensitive data stays safe with AES 256 encryption, and always-on connectivity keeps apps running smoothly even during server or network outages. All so your end users can safely work where they want, when they want, on any device or network.

Simplify logins—not passwords

It’s scary, but true: More than half of employees “mostly” or “always” reuse passwords at work, even though 91% understand just how unsafe it is.3 Now, they don’t have to. With Citrix Workspace there are no more endless logins for users to remember or risky password behaviors to worry IT. Single sign-on (SSO) across web, SaaS and virtual apps ensures employees get exactly what they need, right when they need it.

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