Citrix Files for Windows

Release Date: May 13, 2019

For Documentation and System Requirements for Citrix Files for Windows, please see:

Included in Citrix Files v5.0:

  • Offline Access 
    Offline Access is now available to every employee user on Citrix Files for Windows. This includes all of the following enhancements:
    • Individual file and folders can be made available offline through the Explorer window.
    • A Manage Offline Sync window, where users can easily select folders they want to keep offline.
    • New visual overlays to indicate an offline, syncing, or error state for files and folders.
    • Conflict resolutions for files which were modified, renamed, moved, or deleted.
    • An Errors tab has been added to the dashboard. It lets users take resolve action on specific errors and get information on other errors.
  • Dashboard improvements
    • Users will be able to see recently accessed files and access all available actions for that file as they would in Windows Explorer.
  • Quality and Performance Improvements

Citrix Files for Windows v5.0

May 13, 2019
25 MB - (.exe) Download File

Citrix Files for Windows v5.0

May 13, 2019
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Citrix Files for Windows - Group Policy Templates

May 13, 2019
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