Citrix ADC

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Citrix ADM Service Security Advisory:

Assess and remediate your vulnerable Citrix ADC and Gateway instances. 

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Important Note:

Citrix ADC/GW version 13.0 build 64.x and later, and 12.1 build 61.x and later have Secure RPC enabled by default. For more details and issues/workarounds, please refer to CTX292743 or corresponding release notes.

Citrix IT saved 10,000 hours of Operational Effort in 2021 by moving to ADM Service!! 

Join the bandwagon of 2000+ active ADM service customers including 700+ migrated customers & leverage advanced Analytics & ADC Lifecycle Management capabilities.

Option 1 – Onboard 1 ADC to ADM Service by logging into . For more info, refer Get Started Today

Option 2 – Migrate all ADC from ADM On-Prem to ADM service. For more info, refer Migrate Today

Citrix ADC Release 13.1

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Citrix ADC Release 13.0

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Bare Metal ADC

Citrix ADC Release 12.1-FIPS

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