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City National Bank funds 14 years worth of loans in 6 weeks during pandemic

City National Bank offer banking and leasing services in Florida and across the US. With 20% YoY over past 5 years and a goal of providing best-in-class services to their clients as a digital bank, they needed a solution that was efficient and scalable to support their digital transformation. With Citrix Workspace, they were able to automate and streamline repetitive tasks and improve workflows. From their CRM system to BI applications to incident management systems. They are able to show how much time they are giving back to users and improving productivity. When COVID-19 hit, City National Bank was able to quickly and easily shift to remote work through the cloud, while adapting and expanding to take on new clients. They funded over 9,600 loans in a matter of 3 months and support small businesses during their time of need.

With Citrix Workspace, it’s native. It’s an intuitive process. It’s endless opportunities that we have…we’ll be able to show how much time we’ve given back to our end users.
Ariel Carrion
City National Bank


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