Specialists and Citrix Partner Types Demystified

Why Do I Need a Citrix Partner?

In most cases, you need a Citrix Partner to buy licenses or get help with implementing Citrix solutions. Trusted Citrix Partners resell Citrix products and also provide consulting, design, implementation assistance - and even support and maintenance to companies wishing to introduce or expand Citrix as part of their IT solutions.

What Kind of Partner Do I Need?

First, you need to ask yourself – Do I need a specialist?

Think of a Citrix Specialist* the way you think of a medical specialist.  You wouldn’t go to your GP when you really need to see a Cardiologist, right?

Partners who achieve a Specialist distinction have been rigorously vetted to join an elite group of best-of-breed partners with demonstrated success in real-world customer projects.  While other Partners often participate in only part of an engagement, Specialists will be experts at providing end-to-end planning, designing, implementing, managing and supporting of your project needs.

Specialists are available for:

  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Mobility Management
  • Networking for Datacenter
  • Networking for Apps & Mobile Security

If you have a specific need that requires a high-level, end-to-end solution from a trusted and certified expert, whether you’re at the SMB or Enterprise level, a Specialist is probably the right choice for you.

*Currently Citrix Solution Advisors at any level can be Specialists.  Learn more about the different partner types below.

Identify Your Need – Identify Your Partner Type

I Need to Buy Licenses or Get Help with an SMB On-Premises Solution

Do you need to buy Citrix licenses, engage an IT services company to help you design or implement an SMB solution, or buy a support agreement?  If so, a Citrix Solution Advisor may be right for you.

Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA)

This partner type serves as a trusted advisor in virtualization, networking and cloud strategies, helping customers acquire licenses and software, build out solutions, and support implementations and users. A CSA may be a reseller or consultant who influences and/or resells Citrix products as part of their solution portfolio.

There are three CSA program levels:

  • Platinum Solution Advisor - Partners who demonstrate the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire Citrix portfolio of products as a core part of their business, have a well-established Citrix practice, and work closely with Citrix on sales, implementation and consulting engagements.
  • Solution Advisor Gold - Partners who have built a core business offering on virtualization, networking, and/or cloud and have demonstrated expertise on Citrix products to deliver a set of solutions to customers.
  • Solution Advisor Silver - Partners who supplement their business offerings by adding Citrix products to their portfolio of solutions.

Note: CSAs may also be Specialists.  Look for their “Specialist In” distinction in the search results and on the company profile page.

I Need an Enterprise Level Implementation

Do you need to engage an IT services company who specializes in enterprise solutions?  Then a System Integrator may be the right partner type for you.

System Integrator (SI)

These partners provide consulting, integration and outsourcing services to help enterprise customers realize the full business value of virtual computing. They partner with customers to create the most innovative, flexible infrastructures in the world leveraging solutions from Citrix.

I Need a Hosted Desktop-as-a-Service Solution

Would you rather outsource your virtualization needs on a rental or subscription basis? Then a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) may be right for you.

Citrix Service Provider (CSP)

These partners provide Citrix virtualization solutions, including hosted desktops and applications, on a rental, subscription or services basis.  You won’t need an entire implementation or team to support on-premises infrastructure with this solution.

I Need a Customized Software Solution

Do you need custom software created just for you, but combined with a Citrix virtualization or mobility solution? An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner is probably your best bet.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

This partner type offers custom software solutions to customers by selling and/or hosting applications. ISVs who partner with Citrix influence and/or resell Citrix products in order to deliver these solutions.