FSTEK Certification

Security evaluation and testing in accordance with Russian government regulations

As part of the compulsory certification of products for information security as required by the Russian government, several products have received FSTEK certification.


XenDesktop is a general purpose software tool with built in protection against unauthorized access to confidential information, functions for identification and authentication of end users, management of user’s access to the objects in a virtual infrastructure, registration of security events in virtual infrastructure, and integrity control of information protection tools, all in accordance with the corresponding Technical Requirements (TU).

XenDesktop 7

Citrix XenDesktop 7.7 has received FSTEK certification. This includes XenApp 7.7.

XenDesktop 4

Citrix XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 2 (VDI, Enterprise and Platinum Editions) has received FSTEK certification. These various editions may include the following main components, which are also considered certified – XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2, XenServer 5.6, Provisioning Server 5.6 SP1, and XenClient 1.0 SP1.


Citrix XenApp (Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum Editions) for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 have received FSTEK certification. XenApp is a general purpose software tool with built in protection against unauthorized access to confidential information. It complies with the requirements of a guidance document called, "Computer technology. Protection of information against unauthorized access. Indicators of protection against unauthorized access to information.".  FSTEK certification includes these assessment levels: Computer-based Systems Class 1G and SVT Level 5.

In addition, Citrix XenApp has been certified by Gazprom and is FSTEK certified as part of third party solutions:

  • In terms of voluntary certification of goods and services carried out according to Federal law "About certification of goods and services", Citrix XenApp Enterprise Edition was certified by system of voluntary certification "GAZPROMCERT" as part of a solution "System of secure access to resources through a public network."
  • OKB SAPR: Accord NT/2000 hardware and software systems for protecting information against unauthorized access and isolating data access for different users of the same computers, thin clients and terminal servers.
  • JSC "Security Code": Secret Net 5.1 – an authentication and authorization system for protecting confidential information on servers and desktops.


Citrix XenServer 7 has received FSTEK certification


Downloads for FSTEK certified products

Customers that are interested in an official FSTEK distribution should contact Certified Information Systems (CIS) to download authenticated copies of the software and obtain other official certification deliverables.