Citrix Common Criteria Certification Information

Citrix is committed to providing secure software to our customers, as evidenced by our progress in attaining the Common Criteria Certification, an ISO standard for software security function. Our defined Security Target, Configuration Guide and Certification Report are available for download below.

The list of certified Citrix products can be found via the Common Criteria certified products page. Expand the list of product categories, and search for "Citrix Systems". Contact your Citrix representative for more information about products that are In Evaluation. More information about Common Criteria can be found in the Common Criteria Introduction document; an excerpt follows.

The Common Criteria represents the outcome of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are widely useful within the international community. It is an alignment and development of a number of source criteria: the existing European, US and Canadian criteria (ITSEC, TCSEC and CTCPEC respectively). The Common Criteria resolves the conceptual and technical differences between the source criteria. It is a contribution to the development of an international standard, and opens the way to worldwide mutual recognition of evaluation results.

Criteria developments in Canada and European ITSEC countries followed the original US TCSEC work (Orange Book). The US Federal Criteria development was an early attempt to combine these other criteria with the TCSEC, and eventually led to the current pooling of resources towards production of the Common Criteria.

There is an "Arrangement on the Recognition of Common Criteria Certificates In the field of Information Technology Security" currently in place with more than 19 countries to honor the certifications from these countries.

For more information, visit the United States Common Criteria web site.

For each certified product, the following documents you can download include:

  • Common Criteria Certification Report: This report was prepared by the certification body.
  • Security Target: This document describes the security target used for the Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification
  • Common Criteria Evaluated Configuration Guide (CCECG): This document describes the requirements and procedures for installing and configuring the specified product in accordance with the Common Criteria (CC) evaluated deployment.

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