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I can say with confidence that every company using Citrix should consider Priority. It makes the lives of the IT teams as well as the lives of the users so much easier.

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What you get with Priority

Citrix Priority offers a full partnership with our proactive Customer Success team that helps you achieve bigger and better outcomes from your Citrix solutions. Assigned account management, prioritized queues and issue resolution, and scheduled support hours elevate your service to drive better results.

Team up for successful outcomes
Trust in your own success partner
Reduce downtime and issues
Compound your successes

Team up for successful outcomes

Citrix Priority guides you to maximize the returns on your Citrix investment. Reliable monitoring and optimization helps track your success so your solutions work at their best.

Trust in your own success partner

Your assigned Technical Account Manager is responsible for helping you reach epic outcomes. They help you optimize solutions and amplify results—becoming your advisor, advocate and partner for success.

Reduce downtime and issues

Enjoy proactive, preventative support with insights and recommendations that help reduce downtime and technical issues. Plus, you'll get an elevated level of reactive support when you need it most with the fastest response and restoration times in the industry.

Compound your successes

We continually monitor performance and supportability across your infrastructure and operations. Leverage an array of resources, tools and practical expertise to maximize the value your Citrix environment delivers.

Customer Success Services packages for customers with

Subscription licenses

Priority builds on all the features of Advanced with a wide range of additional benefits.

Success Feature Priority Priority Plus
Assigned technical account management to help you optimize solutions and amplify results—becoming your advisor, advocate and partner for success. Success plan
Employee experience design tools
Employee enablement and awareness library
Employee experience measurements and alerts
Business value maximization tools
Technical account management
Advisory Feature Priority Priority Plus
Annual environment supportability and operational reviews, led by your technical account manager provide you with proactive support, insights and recommendations that help reduce downtime and technical issues. Change management tools
Cloud migration tools
Self-paced technical training
Technical live labs
Environment optimization assessment
Environment supportability and operational review
Customizable add-on packages aligned to your business objectives  
Support Feature Priority Priority Plus
Priority support queue ensures you have access to the fastest support available, while scheduled support allows you to have support engineers on stand-by for planned updates and configuration changes.

Critical situation management and root cause analysis ensure that if you have a Sev 1 issue, it will be expedited at the highest levels, and you get a full report on what led to your outage - so you can avoid it in the future.
24x7 technical support1
General guidance during product configuration2
Priority queue
Scheduled support 40 hours 80 hours
Critical situation management
Root cause analysis SEV 1 SEV 1 & 2
Executive sponsor  

1 Citrix provides 24/7/365 for Severity 1 issues only. CSS Priority customers receive 24/7/365 for Severity 1 and Severity 2 issues. Assistance with Severity 2 (site degradation) and all other issues is available during local business hours (8am-6pm) as per regions listed in the Worldwide Support Services Guide.

2 Provide general guidance and assistance during product installation, upgrades, or configurations. Customers who require additional assistance for requirements like personalized design and implementation assistance can leverage our Partners or Citrix Consulting services for fee-based design and implementation assistance.

CSS Priority and Priority+ support plans with ShareFile are provided in English-only and do not offer the following: >4 hour restoration time, Configuration support, Sev-2 root cause analysis, executive sponsor, technical account management, technical consultancy, self-paced technical training.

Customer Success Services packages for customers with

Perpetual licenses

Priority builds on all the features of Select with a wide range of additional benefits.

Compare package benefits

Whether you use subscription or perpetual licenses, we’ve optimized our Customer Success Packages to drive the most value for your specific use case.

Feature Select Priority Priority Plus
Unlimited support with best-in-class
severity 1 response time target
<30 min
<15 min
<10 min
Severity 1 fastest non-platform restoration target1   <6 hours <4 hours
Access to software updates and/or code releases

Select Learning Subscription featuring training to build skills and continuously upskill your team throughout your Citrix journey.

Success planning tools and resources to create a personalized plan, accelerate your project, measure progress, and ultimately drive usage to help you realize the full value of your workspace.

Assigned technical account management to understand your environment, business and technology objectives, and ensure optimization of your Citrix solutions.   

Priority Queue with direct access to Priority Support Engineers for faster issue resolution.  

Critical Situation Management to own and expedite remediation for severity 1 issues.  

Scheduled Support for change events to assist with implementations, migrations, and updates.    40 hours  80 hours
Customizable add-on packages aligned to your business objectives, with a hand-picked team of Citrix experts focused on your success.     

1 Program Terms and Conditions: For complete program comparison, as well as full terms and conditions, please reference our detailed program comparison guide.

Almost 75% of Priority customers experienced at least a 25% return on investment as a result of their Customer Success package.

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Take on bigger challenges with powerful, personalized support

Our highest service tier, Priority Plus, delivers global organizations the fastest, most trailblazing services and customizable package options. Take your most ambitious objectives and turn them into your biggest, boldest business outcomes.

Amplify your results with outstanding additional services


Tap into our extensive pool of expert consultants, all eager to help your business thrive.

Premium Training

Level up your team with expert training, certifications, and online learning designed to maximize the potential of your Citrix solutions.