Citrix Customer Success Services - Priority & Priority Plus

Personalized, proactive support focused on minimizing risk and maximizing return

Priority and Priority Plus* are our premium-level offerings built on our industry-leading Select offering. Minimize risk and accelerate adoption and time to value of your Citrix solutions by introducing personalized and proactive services tuned for enterprise customers.

Priority and Priority Plus consist of a comprehensive delivery approach focused on your success, service optimization, and supportability improvements to help you extract more value from your solution. Our team of experts leverages this delivery approach to design your success plan, based on your unique business goals and objectives, to maximize the value of your investment and keep your Citrix solution at peak performance.

*Priority and Priority Plus are available in the following markets - United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Additional markets will be available in 2018. Customers must also meet an eligibility criteria, please see eligibility criteria section for full details. 

Priority & Priority Plus overview

Priority and Priority Plus key benefits

  Priority Priority Plus
Assigned Priority Support Account Manger focused on success planning to meet customers’ business and technology objectives

Scheduled support for change events and environment supportability and operational reviews for solution reliability 

40 hours of scheduled support 80 hours of scheduled support
Priority queue with direct access to dedicated Priority Support Engineers for faster issue resolution
<15 minutes response time for severity 1 issues
<10 minute response time for severity 1 issues
Critical situation management services for severity 1 issues

Fully customized service: You get tailored services to ensure you achieve your business objectives faster with a hand-picked team of Citrix experts focused on your success. 


Your success is our highest priority

Your personalized team of experts will help you optimize your Citrix solution, minimize risks, and provide you rapid response and resolutions.

Get the most from your investments with proactive support from an assigned Priority Support Account Manager.

Your Priority Support Account Manager will work closely with you to understand your business-and-mission-critical environment, understand your business goals and, design a success plan that will help you meet your desired outcomes with your Citrix solution.

Reduce risk and downtime with proactive insight and scheduled support.

Periodic Environment and Operational reviews identify product versions and configurations, use cases, trends, risks, barriers to adoption, and opportunities to optimize supportability for even greater return on your investment.

For your change events, schedule up to 40 hours of support for Priority and up to 80 hours of support for Priority Plus to ensure you have the assistance you need during implementations, migrations, and updates—both within and outside of business hours.

Accelerate issue diagnosis and resolution, and resolve complex issues more quickly.

Get 24/7 access to our expert team of dedicated Priority Support Engineers. And for severity one issues, a Priority Critical Situation Manager will own and expedite remediation with a less than 15-minute target response time and a restoration target of less than six hours for Priority, and for Priority Plus with a less than 10-minute target response time and a restoration target of less than four hours.

Detailed features

Features Priority Priority Plus

Priority Support Account Manager

Get the most from your investments with proactive support from an assigned Priority Support Account Manager. Your Priority Support Account Manager will work with you to proactively understand your business critical environment, business and technology objectives, and ensure optimization of your Citrix solutions with leading practices.

Success planning

Your Priority Support Account Manager will work with you to design a success plan that will help you meet your desired outcomes with your Citrix solution.

Executive level sponsor

A VP-level Support sponsor to act as your advocate within Citrix and make sure all your requirements and issues are dealt with promptly.


Fully customized service

You get tailored services to ensure you achieve your business objectives faster with a hand-picked team of Citrix experts focused on your success. Among many other benefits tailored to your needs, you can choose to have:

  • Assigned support account managers in multiple geographies
  • Exclusive access to support resources who only work with your business 
  • Additional services for system monitoring and optimization

Configuration and installation assistance

Citrix Technical Support will provide general guidance and assistance with problems you encounter during product installation, upgrades, or configurations.

Premium Citrix Knowledge Center access

Enjoy exclusive access to product best practice guides as well as TechEdge session content. You can also choose to receive configurable alerts when support articles are updated. 

Features Priority Priority Plus

Proactive call home

Scheduled health checks to regularly assess the state of your environment.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management

Intelligent resource management to deliver the best possible performance for XenApp and XenDesktop environments.

Environmental supportability and operational review

Minimize risk and downtime, with proactive insight. Your assigned Technical Specialist will work with you to review your environment, identifying product versions and configurations, use cases, risks, barriers to adoption and opportunities to optimize supportability—for even greater ROI.

System monitoring

Access to cloud-based Smart Tools that provide on-demand health checks for XenApp and XenDesktop sites. Smart Checks identify and assist with resolving common issues, and on-demand monitoring of product updates to ensure current fixes for known issues.

Features Priority Priority Plus

All-access eLearning subscription 

Get unlimited, on-demand access to the same self-paced Citrix eLearning courses and resources used by Citrix Support engineers every day. Course content will refresh continually after new product versions are released. Additional training and certifications are available for an additional fee.

TechEdge event invitations

Meet top Citrix support engineers face-to-face at this one-day training event during Synergy. Learn how to deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot mobility, virtualization, networking, and cloud technologies. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, have in-depth discussions, and network.

Features Priority Priority Plus

24/7/365, unlimited technical support

Unlimited access to technical support via phone, web, and live chat.

Number of technical contracts 

Designate unlimited contacts to open and manage your cases.

Severity 1 highest level response time target*


<15 minutes <10 minutes
Severity 1 fastest restoration commitment* <6 hours <4 hours

Software updates and upgrades

Access to software updates and upgrades as they become available.

Long Term Service Release (LTSR)

Access to the latest XenApp and/or XenDesktop Long Term Service Release (LTSR) and Cumulative Updates for companies that prefer to retain the same base version for an extended period.

Support for End-of-Life Products**

Option to purchase extended support for XenApp or XenDesktop versions that have reached End of Maintenance and End of Life milestones. An active Citrix Customer Success Services support subscription is required for extended support eligibility.

Live chat

Get fast answers to general technical questions from Citrix Technical Support chat agents. You will be transferred to the web (eServices) queue if additional troubleshooting assistance is required.

Supportability pack diagnostics tools

Identify and tackle minor issues fast, with a self-updating pack of key diagnostic tools.

Acceleration and automation tools

Speed up deployments, upgrades, and migrations with cloud-based Smart Tools using Citrix best-practice blueprints.

Citrix App Layering

Publish a single copy of layered apps and OS patches across all your virtual environments.

Priority queue with direct access to Priority Engineers

Accelerate issue diagnosis and resolution. Get highest priority access to a dedicated, enterprise-level team of seasoned Support Engineers, 24/7.

Priority Highest Priority

Priority Critical Situation Management

A dedicated Priority Critical Situation Manager to take personal ownership of quickly restoring your environment in the event of Severity 1 issues.

Scheduled support for change events

Enjoy scheduled support for change events to ensure you have the reactive assistance and resources you need during advanced implementations, migrations and updates—whether they are inside or outside business hours.

40 hours 80 hours

Root cause analysis

In the event of a critical situation, upon request, a formal root cause analysis will be conducted.


*Fastest response times and accelerated restoration targets are based on competitive offerings in the same industry and price tier.
**For support on end-of-life products, please see Extended Support. A separate contract is required. Certain products are not eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

Market Availability: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Minimum software install base: 5,000+ perpetual licenses. Customers with commercial support service events in the second half of 2017. At point of upgrade to Priority, all software licenses must be upgraded (i.e., customers may not have a mix of Select & Priority services on Software licenses)*

*Service Level Compliance rules apply. Service Level Compliance requires the customer to maintain the same CSS level of service across all software product lines (on-premises/perpetual and termed/annual software licenses). In the event that service level compliance is not maintained, the customer will be supported at the lowest of their active service levels. Customers will be notified of non-compliance. No refunds will be given.

The Priority team takes the time to understand intimately what my environment looks like and understand our hardships, and then they take that back to their teams and make a great recommendation for us.
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