Build a better business continuity strategy

Maintain business operations in times of disruption

Business disruptions can hit at any time and impact your workforce in an instant. While there’s no way to predict when the next power outage or pandemic may hit, it is possible to prepare. By building a business continuity plan (BCP) that establishes remote work as the norm, and not the exception, you can keep employees productive and data secure. No matter where they work, what devices they use, or what business interruptions you face.

Executive summary

  • Unanticipated disruptions can increase cybersecurity risks and hinder productivity.
  • To maintain regular business operations, you’ll need to provide fast, secure access to apps and data across the entire organization.
  • Secure digital workspace solutions ensure organizations can react fast and scale quickly, without putting additional strain on IT.

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Business outcomes

Continue work uninterrupted

In some industries, business disruptions can increase the need to onboard temporary staff or contractors. In others, empowering employees to work from home is key. Whatever the situation, the implications are the same. In the event of a disaster or unforeseen event, you need to react fast—especially when a single hour of downtime can lead to $300,000 in lost business and lowered productivity1. Citrix equips you with a full range of options for supporting secure, flexible work. You can deploy secure desktop as a service (DaaS) resources, deliver zero trust network access to applications, and support critical business functions. Simply spin up each solution as needed, and scale back down when the extra capacity is no longer needed.

Improve the user experience

Effective business continuity management (BCM) involves more than just building recovery strategies. You need to provide a good employee experience, too. But in the rush to onboard remote workers fast, many IT teams struggle with spikes in support calls due to VPN issues, poor video calls, and slow internet connections2. Citrix helps you improve each of these areas—and keep help desk tickets low. There are HDX optimizations to keep video and audio crystal clear, performance analytics to help you find and fix issues fast, and a secure VPN alternative to ensure seamless access. By putting the right solutions in place today, you can ensure productivity tomorrow—no matter what.

Secure sensitive data

It’s not just productivity and profits that are at stake during disruptions. Your organization will face increased security concerns, too. Reports of corporate cyberattacks have been known to quadruple in times of uncertainty, when bad actors prey on anxiety and confusion3. Prevent threats with comprehensive security analytics, and protect data with enterprise-grade content collaboration controls. These and other solutions provide everything you need to protect against breaches. Without limiting access or compromising performance.

Simplify IT management

Supporting remote work is complex enough. But add a large-scale disruption to the equation, and those everyday challenges become even more pronounced. For times when you have little more than hours or days to prepare, it helps to have easy-to-deploy options at your disposal. With Citrix, you can onboard new users in hours—no new infrastructure needed. Manage cloud workloads alongside datacenter resources with Citrix DaaS, and provide fast access to applications with Citrix Secure Private Access. Even the most demanding recovery time objective (RTO) can be met with ease, and disaster recovery plans can be enacted from anywhere. All without putting additional strain on IT.

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