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Drive better results, faster, with an enterprise content collaboration platform

Citrix content collaboration solutions power greater operational efficiency by unifying document management, team collaboration, and electronic signatures in one place—without compromising security or putting sensitive information at risk.

It’s the answer for employees who are tired of spending time on repeatable and low-value processes, navigating various applications to complete a single workflow or find information, and printing and scanning documents that need signatures. These old methods of content management are inefficient and complex, and can expose sensitive information to security threats.

Thankfully, there is an easier and faster way. Modern content collaboration tools allow companies to securely build and execute document-centric workflows with co-workers, partners, and clients. It provides more flexibility for team members, and greater visibility and control for IT. 

This is where Citrix solutions come in.

Citrix content collaboration solutions bring disconnected information together and streamline collaboration with co-workers, clients, and partners –  ensuring sensitive data stays secure and workflows are fast.

Online collaboration without all the complexities

When it comes to content collaboration software, secure file sync and sharing tools are just the start. There are reviews and approvals, sign offs, and—most importantly—compliance checks and activity logs that must be kept ensuring sensitive information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. It’s a tough act to juggle. And while many content collaboration solutions offer a few key functionalities, it can be challenging to create an ideal experience for both employees and IT. 

Unlike standard file storage or task management platforms, Citrix content collaboration solutions ensure information can flow freely and safely across teams—whether files are stored on-premises, with third-party providers, or in a hybrid of locations. Employees can design and manage their own workflows securely. These digital workflows can integrate with existing technology investments, allowing IT to build a complete digital workspace customized for users.

What are Citrix content collaboration solutions—and how do they help you work faster and easier?

Citrix content collaboration solutions are  secure document collaboration and workflow tools that boost worker productivity, improve the client experience, and accelerate business results—all with enterprise-grade controls to ensure compliance and keep intellectual property protected.

A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy to share content across Android, Mac and mobile devices—and to automate document workflows while ensuring the right access for each individual. Secure connectors to cloud storage such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive let you create a single point of access, allowing stakeholders to review and approve changes with a single click.

What can you do with Citrix content collaboration solutions?

Simplify collaboration and automate workflows inside and outside your company.

Keep data and workflows safe and employees productive

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