Save time and money with desktop as a service (DaaS)

Deploy apps and desktops from the cloud, quickly and cost effectively

The workforce is changing. Business needs are becoming more complex. In response, organizations around the world are accelerating plans to move to the cloud so they can become more agile. But business continuity and security aren’t the only benefits you’ll gain by moving your infrastructure. With desktop as a service options, your company can save time and money, too. Whether you integrate DaaS into an existing environment or roll out fully-managed deployments, there are plenty of ways to lower costs, reduce complexity and gain faster time to value.

Executive summary

  • Moving to the cloud with a desktops as a service (DaaS) solution not only simplifies IT, but saves time and money as well.
  • By leveraging more cloud-based solutions like Citrix DaaS workloads, existing on-premises resources can be managed alongside cloud desktops without adding infrastructure costs. Citrix supports distributed workforces by delivering consistent, high-performance global collaboration across any device.
  • The Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and service) pay-as-you-go consumption model makes it easy to scale up or down on demand.

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Business outcomes

Lower costs 

Surveys show that 87% of organizations have a mix of on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure1. And many face a delicate balancing act of getting value from available resources while keeping implementation costs down. Leveraging more cloud-based solutions, like Citrix DaaS workloads, can help in both of these areas. There’s no need to invest in additional hardware with Citrix-managed Azure or cloud-hosted desktops—in fact, annual hardware capital expenditures can be reduced by 56% after moving to a cloud-based model2. Existing on-premises resources can be managed alongside cloud desktops without adding infrastructure costs. And the predictable, pay-as-you-go consumption model makes it easy to scale up or down on demand.

Save time 

If your IT department is still devoting a lot of time to routine infrastructure activities, moving to the cloud can be an ideal way to free them to focus on higher-value business initiatives. Citrix turnkey DaaS capabilities pave the way for quick and easy expansion to the cloud, with options to roll out new desktops in just five clicks. There’s no need to set up servers or manage patches and updates. By leveraging DaaS resources, you can offload infrastructure management and add capacity fast—even if you don’t already have a public cloud vendor in place for hosting. IT can scale desktops up or down to users across the globe in minutes and use the regained time to focus on digital transformation plans that help move your business forward.

Streamline management 

With remote work accelerating at a rapid pace3, today’s organizations can't afford to be slowed down by complicated IT. The easier it is to manage your environment, the better positioned your business will be to meet the needs of an increasingly flexible workforce. Within Citrix Cloud, all of your service offerings can be managed from a single console to streamline IT operations. When leveraging Citrix DaaS, you can seamlessly deploy, manage, and monitor new workloads worldwide. Regardless of where your resources are hosted—on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution—IT admins are in full control.

Make the most of Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop)

If you use Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix DaaS can help ensure you get as much as possible from those investments. Citrix customers can deploy workloads up to 4x faster and reduce total cost of ownership by 25%4. That’s because, thanks to a longstanding partnership between Citrix and Microsoft, you can combine the best features of Azure Virtual Desktop with added functionality from Citrix to achieve more while spending less. Enhance the user experience, increase security, and simplify management—all while reducing cloud spending and speeding up deployments with easy-to-provision DaaS options.

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