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Special event: The simplicity of cloud without sacrificing control 
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Cloud services simplicity

Workspace Cloud replaces Citrix management infrastructure with easier to use cloud-based management services. Cloud-based services centralize and simplify the design and deployment of virtual apps and desktops, mobility management and secure file sharing solutions – no matter where they are deployed.  Centralized control also lowers IT operations costs up to 40% and enables faster updates and deployment of new services.


Infrastructure and cloud choice

Workspace Cloud provides IT with the simplicity of cloud-based management that controls where app workloads run and where data is stored.  Most cloud services put management and workloads in one cloud for their own convenience, forcing IT to relinquish control. Workspace Cloud uses a unique control-plane architecture that keeps IT in control. IT now has the choice and flexibility to locate and manage workloads in the datacenter, in preferred public clouds, or in private clouds. Only Workspace Cloud delivers this kind of hybrid cloud choice.

Secure cloud management

The Workspace Cloud platform is designed and architected so that administrators decide where apps and user data reside. This allows IT to maintain physical control to align with their unique security, compliance, data sovereignty or governmental requirements.


Integrated workspace services experience

Through a single cloud services platform, IT can create, deliver, and manage a secure, seamless experience for apps – mobile, web, SaaS and Windows – and documents on the devices users need. Only Citrix has the technologies including HDX, MDX and more to enable a superior user experience: simple, seamless and integrated.

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"Citrix hit the easy button with Citrix Workspace Cloud… It gets people from A to Z without having to deal with all the [letters] in between."

Adam Gamble
EUC Practice Lead
Sigma Solutions Inc.

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