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Find interesting technologies for new or experimental services and features in Citrix Cloud Labs. Please note that these services are unsupported, may change over time, and may not necessarily become Citrix Cloud services. We value your input, feedback, and conversations on our Citrix Cloud - Labs Discussions page.

XenMobile MDX Service

XenMobile MDX Service automates the app wrapping process to expedite the on-boarding of enterprise mobile apps that are managed by XenMobile. End users can use any modern browser to wrap mobile apps instead of the MDX Toolkit Mac application.

Session Manager dramatically reduces app launch times

The new Session Manager lab improves application launch performance by pre-launching anonymous sessions when using the Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop service. This is particularly useful during “logon storms,” such as at the beginning of the workday or at shift changes, and in healthcare environments where rapid access to applications is critical.

Citrix Launch for Microsoft Access

Instantly transform your Microsoft Access reports and forms into a secure web application. End users can access it from any modern browser, making collaboration easy.

Leverage a powerful, user-friendly tool for workspace automation

Based on Octoblu IoT technology, the Workspace Automation service offers a powerful, user-friendly tool for workspace automation, enabling easy integration and automation of a variety of resources, including devices, services, and people. With the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and prebuilt connections for Citrix and third-party resources, it's simple to build automated workflows that leverage the Internet of Things.

Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365

Assign Microsoft Office 365 subscription licenses alongside other Citrix apps and services. Simplify user management and assignment with centralized access control. Citrix Provisioning for Microsoft Office 365 also provides license consumption and verification to simplify administration.

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