Hybrid Multi-Cloud

With Citrix’s renewed focus on hybrid environments and Universal subscription, this opens the door for a variety of different environment configurations across both our on-premises and cloud platforms for more customers. Alongside the Citrix platform, hyperscalers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP can deploy Citrix resources with greater agility and scalability than traditional data centers. Join us as we interview Emma Bland, Senior Product Marketing Manager, to talk about her experience as a former consultant and provide guidance on critical architecture design considerations necessary to deploy Citrix virtualization technologies for these scenarios successfully.

September 15, 2023
Season 3 Ep 1

Executive summary

  • Learn why going hybrid may be the right avenue for you.
  • Listen to Emma as she shares tips on use cases, deployment strategies, and infrastructure decisions that must be made as part of the hybrid cloud journey.

Featured voices

Steve Beals
Content Strategist – Tech Zone, Citrix

Steve Beals is the Tech Zone Content Strategist at Citrix.  He has worked with Citrix technologies for 25 years in various technical and management roles.  During his time with Citrix, Steve has worked with the Citrix Consulting team, designing, deploying, and managing several large-scale enterprise Citrix deployments. He also worked as a pre-sales engineer for enterprise customers in the Northeast US before joining the Technical Marketing team at Citrix.

Emma Bland
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Citrix

Emma Bland is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Citrix. She has been with Citrix since 2021, when she started in the Customer Success Leadership Development Program, learning all things Citrix. Before joining the Product Marketing team, she worked in Citrix Consulting, helping customers design, deploy, and upgrade enterprise environments. 

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