Factor this! Learn about nFactor Authentication

How can you enable zero trust while permitting the proper multi-factor authentication that depends on a person’s location, device, connection, and role? That is where nFactor comes in! In this episode, we chat with a couple of product team members about how nFactor can require different authentication factors based on factors such as these.

July 14, 2022
Season 2 Ep 12

Featured voices

Allen Furmanski
Lead Architect and Content Strategist, Citrix

Allen started with Citrix back in 2007 within the support organization helping customers and partners solve issues on MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0, and 4.5 as well as Citrix Password Manager. Over the years he's transitioned to roles within readiness, product management, strategic alliances, and product marketing and is now lead architect of the technical marketing content team. He’s obtained various Citrix certs and awards, presented to numerous customers, spoken at industry events around the world, and always enjoys evangelizing Citrix technology. 

In his personal life, Allen is married and enjoys exploring places at home and abroad, hiking the national parks, live music and events, good food and drinks, all things Tesla, tackling projects around the house, and digital photography.

Follow him on Twitter - @TekGuyAllen

Richard Faulkner
Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix

Rich recently joined the Citrix team but has worked with Citrix products for over 25 years while working for Citrix Resellers. He was a Citrix Technology Professional and frequent technology speaker prior to coming to Citrix. He has assisted with the deployment of many NetScaler environments and has assisted several large customers in deploying the NetScaler for security and availability protection for their application environments. 

In his personal life, Rich is married with 5 kids and 8 grandkids. He and his wife enjoy travelling and spending time with those grandkids.

Follow him on Twitter - @rjfaulknerjr


Mansi Asange
Senior Product Manager, Citrix

Mansi has been with Citrix for the past 8 years.  Before joining Product Management, she was part of the Customer Success Team handling key accounts and helping customers with deployments and adoption. She worked on various Citrix Technologies including Citrix Gateway, NetScaler, ADM (Application Delivery Management), Citrix VAD. Currently, she is working as Product Manager for Adpative authentication and helps enabling customers on product by providing sessions, demos, collecting feedback to enhance product experience .She works closely with sales for driving Proof of Concepts for customers.

In her personal life she is married, enjoys road trips and visits to rich ancient architecture-history places. She is close to nature and art, spends time with her plants, sketching with music in background.


Karthik Somayaji
Principal Software Engineer, Citrix

Karthik has been with Citrix for over 10 years and has primarily worked with AAA feature development. During his tenure he worked on managing AAA user sessions, supporting the OpenID Connect feature, providing nFactor authentication flow features, and Single Sign On functionalities. He is currently working on architecting AAA solutions, driving projects related to various federated auth requirements, and handling security projects for NetScaler.

In his personal life, Karthik is married with two kids and enjoys reading novels, playing cricket, and watching classic dance.


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