How to Empower Users with Citrix Microapps

Citrix Microapps allow administrators to present single uses cases to end-users through Citrix Workspace. This enables end-users to complete these tasks without having to navigate through complex business applications. Through the out-of-the-box templates for microapps we are able to create an easy and effective way to perform departmental workflows. We have also added Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service templates to provide end-users with self-service actions right from within their workspace. Join us as we talk to Nathan Mote, Sr. Product Manager, and Phil Wiffen, Technical Marketing manager, about the power of Citrix microapps.

March 10, 2021
Ep 3

Executive summary

  • Learn how Citrix microapps empowers users to become more productive.
  • Listen to Phil discuss how Citrix Microapps integrates with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service.
  • Hear Nathan talk about the different workflows that can be created with Citrix microapps

Featured voices

Phil Wiffen
Technical Marketing Manager, Citrix

A former sysadmin and web developer by trade, Phil previously led Citrix's pre-release validation Workspaces - implementing many Citrix Cloud products and services in a customer-like environment. Most recently, Phil joined Tech Marketing. He's currently passionate about working with colleagues to build microapps that are useful for our customers, their sysadmins, and their users.

Nathan Mote
Senior Product Manager, Citrix

Nathan has since brought multiple services of the wider Citrix Workspace to market, including the intelligent capabilities of Citrix Workspace and Citrix content collaboration solution. Currently a member of the Product Management team, he is focused on uncovering, validating and delivering new intelligent solutions to be delivered through the Citrix Workspace Experience.

Ana Ruiz
Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix

Ana loves creating content that enables customers to understand the best practices and functionalities of Citrix solutions. Ana started at Citrix more than 6 years ago as a college graduate in the leadership development program. She has held various roles prior to joining the technical marketing team during her career at Citrix including, inside sales engineer, mobility sales engineer, and virtualization senior sales engineer for enterprise accounts.

Daniel Feller
Lead Architect, Citrix

With more than 15 years of experience designing and securing virtual workspaces, Daniel continues to deliver solutions and best practices for all types of organizations. Like many in the tech field, Daniel’s background originated with an on-premises, Windows-based environment, and grew to encompass cloud, mobility and digital workspaces.

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