Citrix Launchpad Work: Google Contact Center & Wrike

In this episode we invite, Sarah O’Donnell, Technology Specialist, to talk to us about what Wrike is and what problems it solves.

We then dive deep into our partnership announcement with Google for contact center solutions. For this portion of the episode, we invite Danijela Nandi, Sr. Product Manager, to chat about why contact centers have become so vital today. We also talk about what the joint solution with Google looks like and how this model is applicable for other use cases.

October 13, 2021
Ep 18

Executive summary

  • Get a recap on some of the exciting updates announced during the Citrix Launchpad event
  • Learn about our Wrike and its latest integrations
  •  Listen to Danijela Nandi, Sr. Product Manager, talk about our partnership with Google for contact center solutions

Featured voices

Sarah O’Donnell
Technology Specialist, Citrix

Sarah O’Donnell is a Technology Specialist in the Citrix Center of Excellence. She started at Citrix in June 2020 as a Technical Analyst in the Leadership Development Program after graduating with her Master’s in Chemical Engineering. As part of her current role, she works with Citrix and Wrike teams to drive adoption of products and support field resources.

Danijela Nandi
Sr. Product Manager, Citrix

Danijela has been building digital products and teams for almost 15 years across industries and markets, for the past two years also at Citrix. Her background includes extensive experience in mobile software development, building an e-commerce startup “from scratch”, years in social platform, publishing, as well as video on demand/streaming business. She believes in principles of democratized software, cloud and platform approach.

Ana Ruiz
Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix

Ana loves creating content that enables customers to understand the best practices and functionalities of Citrix solutions. Ana started at Citrix more than 7 years ago as a college graduate in the leadership development program. She has held various roles prior to joining the technical marketing team during her career at Citrix including, inside sales engineer, mobility sales engineer, and virtualization senior sales engineer for enterprise accounts.

Daniel Feller
Lead Architect, Citrix

With more than 15 years of experience designing and securing virtual workspaces, Daniel continues to deliver solutions and best practices for all types of organizations. Like many in the tech field, Daniel’s background originated with an on-premises, Windows-based environment, and grew to encompass cloud, mobility and digital workspaces.

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