Citrix ITSM and Service Now

How are Citrix ITSM and ServiceNow integration helping customers to enhance user experience and Citrix administrator's daily tasks? Join us as we discuss with Wendy Gay, Amir Trujillo, and Antoin Carroll how using features such as Virtual Agent, self-service, monitoring and ticket creation, access to apps and desktops, and more can be accomplished with the Citrix ITSM and ServiceNow integration.

October 2, 2023
Season 3 Ep 2

Executive summary

  • What is the Citrix ITSM Adapter?
  • What’s required from both Citrix and ServiceNow?
  • How can the ITSM Adapter help me?

Featured voices

Steve Beals
Content Strategist – Tech Zone, Citrix

Steve Beals is the Tech Zone Content Strategist at Citrix.  He has worked with Citrix technologies for 25 years in various technical and management roles.  During his time with Citrix, Steve has worked with the Citrix Consulting team, designing, deploying, and managing several large-scale enterprise Citrix deployments. He also worked as a pre-sales engineer for enterprise customers in the Northeast US before joining the Technical Marketing team at Citrix.

Amir Trujillo
Global Product Specialist Engineer, Citrix

Amir is a Product Specialist Engineer at Citrix. He has worked with Citrix products for 15 years. His experience includes implementing and designing CVADs and DaaS environments for large customers, Multi-cloud migration, optimization, automation, and integration of new technologies. In addition to that, Amir has participated in Webinars, Podcasts, Blogs, and Techzone articles. He also worked as a Citrix Customer Success Engineer worldwide.

Antoin Carroll
Global Product Specialist Engineer, Citrix

Antoin has worked in Citrix for eight years, having previously worked in infrastructure-managed services. Within Citrix, he has worked in technical lead roles in support, moving to lead/mentor positions in customer success, providing architecture workshops, and assisting in the migration & adoption of cloud services. He is now on the Product Specialist Engineering team based in Dublin.

Wendy Gay
Director Global Product Specialist Engineering, Citrix

Wendy has worked in Citrix for seven years, having previously worked with GSI and Platinum partners for over 25 years. Within Citrix, she has worked as a Sales Engineer in Dublin, moving to management positions in EMEA Shared Services. Wendy is now the Director of  Global Product Specialist Engineering team based in Dublin. Wendy is also a Citrix CTA and part of the CUGC Community

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