Citrix Automated Configuration Tool and Backup and Restore

The Citrix Automated Configuration Tool migrates workloads and aids in daily Citrix administration tasks for both on-premises and Cloud. With the Citrix Backup and Restore Feature, a snapshot of your Citrix configurations is always ready on standby. If inadvertent changes arise, choose a backup, select restore, and you’re up and running again with a few clicks. In this episode, I am joined by Yashu Arora, Sr. Product Manager at Citrix, as we discuss the Automated Configuration Tool and the Citrix DaaS Backup and Restore feature upcoming Tech Preview.

February 05, 2024
Season 3 Ep 11

Executive summary

  • What is the Automated Configuration Tool and the Backup and Restore Feature?
  • What are some of the use cases where ACT and Backup & Restore can help?
  • What can be migrated, and what limitations are there for the Automated Configuration Tool?
  • What's next with the Backup and Restore Tech Preview?

Featured voices

Steve Beals
Content Strategist – Tech Zone, Citrix

Steve Beals is the Tech Zone Content Strategist at Citrix.  He has worked with Citrix technologies for 25 years in various technical and management roles.  During his time with Citrix, Steve has worked with the Citrix Consulting team, designing, deploying, and managing several large-scale enterprise Citrix deployments. He also worked as a pre-sales engineer for enterprise customers in the Northeast US before joining the Technical Marketing team at Citrix.

Yashu Arora
Senior Product Manager – CVAD/DaaS, Citrix

Yashu Arora is a Senior Product Manager at Citrix who owns App package delivery, ACT, Backup and Restore, and Policies from a product standpoint in CVAD/DaaS. She joined Citrix last year, immediately after her MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business. She works out of the Fort Lauderdale office and, among the aforementioned products, also owns the Current Release Track for CVAD.

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