A Look Into Wrike, Citrix’s Latest Acquisition

Earlier this year, Citrix acquired Wrike, a collaborative work management solution. This allows end users to become even more productive and be able to stay on track of projects. What exactly is Wrike? How does it fit into the Citrix vision? Which problems is Wrike solving? Citrix Global Strategist George Kuruvilla joins us to answer all this plus more. We also have some exciting tech updates to share.

May 5, 2021
Ep 7

Executive summary

  • Listen to the latest tech updates that will help you stay in the know about everything going on at Citrix
  • Learn about Citrix’s latest acquisition, Wrike. What problems Wrike solves and how it can be used.
  • Join George Kuruvilla, Global Strategist, to understand all the things Wrike does and all the integration points it has.

Featured voices

George Kuruvilla
Global Strategist, Citrix

George is a Global Strategist and member of the strategic advisory at Citrix. George acts as an executive sponsor and works with leadership at customers to help build trust and confidence in our solutions. George has helped bootstrap various initiatives, including Value Engineering and the Strategic Advisory at Citrix. George is a Citrix Technology Advocate and a thought leader within the EUC community. Currently, George leads the Wrike Center of Excellence team. His team is responsible for helping the field sell and position Wrike and act as a liaison between the global field organization and the various stakeholders at Citrix and Wrike.

Ana Ruiz
Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix

Ana loves creating content that enables customers to understand the best practices and functionalities of Citrix solutions. Ana started at Citrix more than 6 years ago as a college graduate in the leadership development program. She has held various roles prior to joining the technical marketing team during her career at Citrix including, inside sales engineer, mobility sales engineer, and virtualization senior sales engineer for enterprise accounts.

Daniel Feller
Lead Architect, Citrix

With more than 15 years of experience designing and securing virtual workspaces, Daniel continues to deliver solutions and best practices for all types of organizations. Like many in the tech field, Daniel’s background originated with an on-premises, Windows-based environment, and grew to encompass cloud, mobility and digital workspaces.

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