Supporting secure anywhere – any device workstyles

DXC and Citrix have partnered since 2001 to provide tailored virtual desktop solutions. In contrast to traditional solution partnerships, ours is focused on four principles: Everything as a Service, Device Independence, a Connected Cloud Model and Evergreen Solutions. Our simple-to-use, cloud-based technology employs customized workplaces to accelerate business results – regardless of location or device.

DXC Modern Workplace blends proven consulting with Citrix DaaS, and Citrix content collaboration solutions to create transformative, high-performance, cost-effective services that deliver integrated desktop environments in support of flexible workstyles. Our joint solutions make people and enterprises more secure and more productive.


Benefits for users

  • Easy to customize, single point of access for every workstyle
  • Enjoy choice and control over how, where and when work gets done
  • Easily connect with each other and access enterprise applications and information

Benefits for IT

  • Speed deployment
  • Reduce burden of managing constant upgrade cycles
  • Increase financial predictability and help control costs

Benefits for the business

  • Improve employee productivity and accelerate business results
  • Boost operational efficiency and agility
  • Provide an effective platform for growth that allows you to cost-effectively scale as your business needs evolve

Accelerate the deployment of scalable mobile solutions

As industry leaders in desktop outsourcing and virtualization, DXC and Citrix take a holistic approach to desktop and application delivery. To create highly effective, integrated and personalized solutions, we address strategy and planning, infrastructure and architecture, deployment and execution, and maintenance and operations.

The three-way partnership between DXC, Citrix, and Microsoft is particularly valuable as Citrix has a strong partnership with Microsoft to provide virtual desktop services. DXC has a very tight relationship with Microsoft and is currently providing Microsoft Azure solutions for Citrix Virtual Apps.

Our combined experience shows that there is no effective “one size fits all” approach to desktop virtualization. DXC applies disciplined methodologies, an extensive portfolio of intellectual property, and broad experience in managing millions of desktops to accelerate the deployment of scalable mobile solutions.

DXC partnered with Citrix to deliver a secure user solution to one of the largest police forces in the world. The deployment is supporting a digital policing initiative that aims to improve community satisfaction and reduce costs and crime. Efficiency improvements enable officers and support staff to spend more time on community-facing activity, which has had a positive impact on the perception of policing, reducing both crime and the fear of crime. Security is of paramount importance, and in this case, only trusted devices can access the user environment. Some 35,000 police officers and 15,000 support staff have a unified experience across their devices and virtual desktops.