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Webinar Event The Four Pillars of the New World of Work BrightTALK Originals webinars

For decades, the possibility of widespread hybrid working – working in a flexible way, between office spaces and remotely – was discussed but never fully took hold. The pandemic changed everything. The new, hybrid working world is one that promises a better balance for employees. According to a recent Citrix survey, 69% of hybrid employees would recommend their employer as a place to work, compared to only 56% of office employees.

Jun 28 2022
Event Details

Jun 28, 2022

Employees expect radical flexibility and an enhanced work-life balance. They rely on always-on tech that empowers them to work and collaborate with colleagues wherever and whenever they choose.

But while tech is enabling effective remote-working and hybrid collaboration, there are several challenges still to solve. Flexibility and trust are arguably the key to making long-term hybrid work successful and fulfilling, but this study shows that these are the areas where there is the most work to do. Leaders need to focus on demonstrating empathy, building trust, and providing employees with the flexibility they expect without worrying that this could jeopardize company performance.

Join us in this session as we discuss:

  • The four pillars of an effective hybrid workforce, and how to achieve them all
  • What leaders can do to solve people-focused challenges
  • Empathy within the workforce
  • Understanding employee expectations in a hybrid setting
  • And much more!