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Webinar Event Removing the barriers to remote radiology Healthcare

According to The Royal College of Radiology, by 2025 the clinical radiology workforce shortfall will be 44%. So, it’s not surprising that remote radiology solutions are on the rise to improve timeliness of care for patients. But for many healthcare providers, technological limitations and regulatory hurdles still hinder the optimal practice of teleradiology.

Jun 22 2022
Event Details

Jun 22, 2022

Join us for this webinar to learn how Citrix improved clinical resilience, flexibility and productivity for Royal Cornwall NHS Trust, via a secure, reliable and compliant remote radiology solution.

Hear from our panel of experts:

  • Discuss the challenges faced by healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and solutions for success.
  • How to eliminate technology roadblocks to improve patient care
  • Protect patient data with secure and compliant viewing of images on remote devices
  • Harness the power of cloud and decrease costly hardware investments