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More than a million companies rely on Microsoft 3651, and many more are planning migrations—with good reason. Microsoft’s powerful suite of business productivity tools is an ideal option for the modern hybrid workforce. Still, challenges remain. Securing users, apps, data, and endpoints often requires extra IT time and resources. And as people work from more locations, it can be difficult to ensure a superior user experience across various networks and broadband connections. With cloud-enabled digital workspaces, you can expand what's possible.


Executive summary

  • Citrix ensures Microsoft 365 apps perform well on any network or broadband connection.
  • One unified control pane makes it remarkably easy to manage endpoints, deliver updates, and more.
  • Advanced security features keep apps and data safe without blocking productivity.

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Business outcomes

Optimize performance

As organizations seek the best ways to support flexible work, many are making Microsoft 365 cloud migrations a top priority. A combined 155 million users rely on Microsoft Teams2 and Skype3 daily, and they want the experience to be reliable. With Citrix Workspace, it can be. Specialized high-definition HDX technology ensures voice and video stay crystal clear at all times, on any network or broadband connection, so the experience feels just like it would in a fully native environment. And as a validated Microsoft 365 Networking Partner, Citrix SD-WAN can secure and optimize Microsoft 365 for all remote and branch users. It's everything you need to maximize the Microsoft 365 experience while achieving greater IT agility and control.

Simplify management

With Citrix Workspace, every element of Microsoft 365 management can be handled within one unified control pane. Simplify upgrades, deliver updates and manage endpoints—all while adding additional security to the Microsoft apps themselves. There’s no need to migrate your active directory or install additional components to your DMZ; Citrix Workspace consolidates all cloud, mobile and app delivery requirements for you. And when you want to deploy workloads in a hybrid environment, Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) lets you manage any on-premises resources alongside Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop).

Increase security

Even with Microsoft’s wealth of security options for admins, cloud security concerns remain high for many IT professionals4. By combining the best features of Microsoft 365 with added functionality from Citrix, you can rest assured your corporate data will remain secure. Citrix ShareFile lets you give users a single, secure point of access to all files, no matter where they’re stored. And with automated controls to adjust access based on how apps are accessed and used, it’s easy to keep sensitive data protected at all times. You can restrict screenshots, printing, and USB redirection to secure sensitive files, and use keylogging protection and session watermarking to prevent data loss. All without frustrating users or blocking productivity.

Reach beyond Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Migrating to Microsoft 365 means gaining access to Microsoft Endpoint Manager. But do you have everything you need to manage devices and protect corporate data? Whether you’re concerned about potential security gaps or would like to support a wider range of apps, Citrix Workspace can extend your reach with enhanced endpoint security. Easily manage, deploy, and configure Microsoft 365 apps from within one central console. You can leverage 200+ mobile device management (MDM) policies—plus 70+ mobile application management (MAM) policies for non-365 apps—to trigger automated actions based on how, when, and where end users are accessing resources. Everything is readily available in the same location for fast action and greater overall security.

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