Simplify IT with unified endpoint management (UEM)

Manage every endpoint from the same console

If you're still relying on multiple platforms to oversee endpoints, it's time for a change. Now more than ever, IT needs a way to manage and monitor mobile, traditional and IoT endpoints without having to consult dozens of different dashboards and reports. With the majority of employees working away from desks 50-60% of the time1, the devices and apps they access are as varied as the tools available to manage them. As the diversity of end user options reaches an all-time high—BYODOffice 365 and frequent Windows 10 updates all play a role—you need a consolidated console. Get a single view of multidevice users with UEM to unify device configurations, data protection and usage policies…all in one central location.


Executive summary

  •  Unified endpoint management (UEM) simplifies IT’s increasingly complex view of multidevice users by unifying configurations, data protection, and policies from one central location.
  • Citrix Endpoint Management allows for IT agility by providing a policy framework you can use to manage devices, apps, files, and network access through a single console.
  • Citrix protects corporate resources with micro-VPN capabilities and gathers data from users, apps and devices to inform action and activities—going beyond standard device and app security.

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Business outcomes

Improve IT agility

The more solutions you use to manage endpoints, the more complex the process gets—and the harder it is to react quickly, let alone be proactive about preventing threats. With the average enterprise using 85 security tools from 45 vendors2, the problem is becoming more prominent. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Citrix Endpoint Management provides a policy framework you can use to manage devices, apps, files, and network access through a single console. And with easy integrations to Okta and Azure Active Directory, you can keep your existing identity and access infrastructure, too.

Protect company information

IT security spending may be at an all-time high,3 but are those solutions protecting sensitive corporate data in every way possible? Not according to the latest research. Nearly two-thirds of companies are still being compromised by attacks that originate on endpoints.4 With one laptop stolen every 53 seconds and 70 million smartphones lost each year,5 having the right UEM solution is critical. With Citrix Endpoint Management, you can reach beyond device and app security: protect corporate resources with micro-VPN capabilities, add an extra layer encryption policy to Microsoft Intune and gather data from users, apps and devices to inform action and activities.

Simplify mergers and acquisitions

One of the biggest difficulties of a merger or acquisition is technology integration. Different organizations have different processes and preferences, which makes it tricky to combine solutions into one seamless tech stack. If even a handful of employees has difficulty accessing information in the new environment, the user experience will be compromised. Citrix Endpoint Management, part of Citrix Workspace, helps solve this problem. You’ll be fully equipped to integrate large groups and provide everything teams need to succeed. When admins can quickly configure each endpoint’s profile and device settings, it’s easy to deliver apps and data to employees at lightning speed. 

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