Simplify and secure user access

Go beyond single sign-on (SSO) with advanced security controls for SaaS and web apps

When employees are switching between 35 apps more than 1,100 times a day1, it’s no wonder they’re reusing the same password — a nightmare scenario for IT. With a unified access control solution for the entire digital workspace, you can improve security and the experience for users and IT. Reduce risk, gain more control over user access and behavior, and get deeper insights across your entire application landscape.

Access everything with a single click

Employees rely on a variety of apps to get work done, but managing access to these apps creates challenges for both end users and IT alike. Citrix Workspace with Citrix Secure Workspace Access improves the user experience by providing SSO to every app and file, no matter where people need to work. Security is improved with fewer passwords for users to manage and hackers to exploit. And IT enjoys integrations with all major identity repositories, multi-factor authentication mechanisms and SSO protocols.

SaaS and web apps, secured

With 84% of organizations saying traditional security solutions don’t work in cloud environments2, it’s no longer enough to simply manage access to SaaS and web apps. Citrix Workspace empowers IT with insight and control into how users are interacting with the apps so you can better protect against data exfiltration. Restrict actions users can take, like copying and pasting, printing, and downloading. You can also enable a watermark to appear on sensitive pages that someone tries to print or screenshot.

Get peace of mind with safe web browsing

It’s become almost impossible for anyone to get work done without the internet. And whether intentionally or by accident, you can almost guarantee that a user at some point is going to click on a malicious link in an email or visit a risky website — especially since 1 out of every 10 URLs is malicious3.  Citrix Workspace lets you block sites that pose a risk to your network with advanced web filtering using a leading third-party categorization database or based on reputation score data gathered by Citrix Analytics.

Contain threats. Enhance productivity.

If restricting access to certain websites gets in the way of productivity for some users, Citrix Workspace offers Citrix Secure Browser. This cloud-based browser, hosted by Citrix, lets people browse the web without restriction. The browser is isolated from your company network, so if someone happens to visit a compromised site, no malicious software will ever reach your network or the user’s device. Citrix Secure Workspace Access also protects user credentials and any sensitive information from being hijacked by any keylogger or anti screen capturing malware.

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