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NetScaler Gateway Plug-in v3.4.1 for Mac OS X

Release Date: Feb 22, 2018

Citrix NetScaler Gateway Plug-in is the client software for Mac OS X that enables secure connectivity of NetScaler Gateway. The client install package (.dmg), provides an easy-to-use wizard that guides users through the installation process.

Important Notes:

  • This NetScaler Gateway plug-in supports Mac OS 10.12, 10.13.
  •  The NetScaler Gateway Plug-in is supported for the following NetScaler Versions: 9.3, 10.1, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1 and 12.0
  • To install (first-time and for upgrades) NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Mac OS X, users must enter local administrative credentials when prompted.
  • If you have an older version of the Plug-in, please remove and re-install the new version.


NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Mac OS X, Version 3.4.1

Feb 22, 2018
12MB - (.dmg) Download File
  • SHA-256 - b8e0f4e8c6d624410c2013ea788438460d87f438928a69ac1b889d6508ee738b

NetScaler Gateway EPA Client for Mac OS X, Version

Feb 22, 2018
4.4 MB - (.dmg) Download File
  • SHA-256 - 084ad2fd8a31fc74ed48ce73f385706724838b719cef3a9bbaddf957357bfb49