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Payment provider improves customer satisfaction and security

Network International uses Citrix to deliver PCI-DSS compliant services to banks across Africa

Too often, trying to maintain both security and customer satisfaction results in a compromise, but one of the Middle East and Africa’s largest payment services providers is using Citrix to solve the challenge.

Network International’s African division provides payment solutions and services (such as card acceptance and issuing) to over 150 banks in 28 countries across Africa. With 4,000 users at Network’s banking customers, the business must provide excellent, responsive support that gets its customers quickly back to business whenever they have a problem.

Network also needs to provide a resilient, reliable and secure service to bank branches however limited the local bandwidth. As Network handles confidential card payment information, its services must comply with the international PCI-DSS standard.

Since 2003, Network has relied on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC to deliver its services to customers and to provide its own staff with access to the information and applications they require.

The customer-focused business is constantly improving its service and recently enabled Citrix Self Service for its customers.

Self Service drives improved customer satisfaction

“When we implemented Citrix Self Service, our goal was to eliminate customers’ dependency on our service desk,” says Hany Fawzy, Network’s CTO.

“We wanted to give them a fast solution for login or authentication problems instead of the need to send an email or raise a support ticket.”

Using its Self Service portal, Network’s end-user customers can reset their own passwords and get back to work quickly.

“As a result,” Fawzy explains, “we have saved two FTEs on our customer access management team, but more importantly we are saving customers' time. Customers can quickly fix their own access problems and restore their business activities. One of Network International’s key initiatives is to improve our customer Net Promoter Scores and enabling Citrix Self Service for our banking customers has led directly to an increase in our NPS scores.”

Citrix also supports Network International’s customer service focus in other ways.

“When serving customers in different parts of Africa, bandwidth is often a problem,” Fawzy says. “Sometimes it is very expensive and often it’s unreliable. We use Citrix because it solves these problems by optimizing for whatever bandwidth is available for any customer. That could be broadband, 4G or even satellite connections. With Citrix, we can deliver a reliable, secure and resilient service to our African customers wherever they are.”

“Citrix also reduces effort or overhead at the customers' site,” he continues. “The customer is not required to install anything at their site or implement some complex technology. All they need is a browser and a login.”

Providing resilient and secure PCI-DSS compliant connections across Africa

“Continuous innovation and modernization are at the heart of Network International’s technology strategy. Our use of Citrix solutions complements this thrust and aligns us with industry best practices as we further enrich customer experiences,” says Mark Diamond, Network International’s Group Chief Technology Officer.

“Citrix enables us to separate our bank networks from our internal infrastructure and accommodate PCI-DSS compliance,” adds Diamond. “We use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as a single, secure layer that we deliver all of our applications through.”

Using Citrix technology helps Network meet the requirements of PCI-DSS. Sensitive payment card data is restricted to a firewalled, data processing backend, separated from Network’s internal main corporate network. Customer users access services through apps hosted in Network’s datacenters and delivered as virtual services over encrypted connections.

“Network has also deployed two-factor authentication to provide users with greater convenience and security with accessing the Network International platform,” adds Hossam Gaber, Head of Implementation Team.

Secure connections for staff and partners, too

Citrix enables Network International to enhance its internal security. Partner firms that provide IT support or development resources access Network’s systems remotely using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. As a result, Diamond and his team can control the information that partners have access to and, at the same time, protect the company’s network from cyberattack.

“Citrix is at the center of Network International’s IT infrastructure and is one of our key technology partners,” adds Diamond. “Citrix enables us to deliver our services anywhere, anytime, in a convenient, secure and cost-effective way.”

Citrix is at the center of Network International’s IT infrastructure and is one of our key technology partners. It enables us to deliver our services anywhere, anytime, in a convenient, secure and cost-effective way.”
Mark Diamond
Group Chief Technology Officer
Network International



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