Everybody knows that when it comes to tech events, Citrix Synergy can’t be beat. It’s got everything:

But when you get right down to it, what makes Citrix Synergy the best event in tech isn’t the fun that comes along with it; it’s the innovation, the solutions, the ways Citrix helps companies — just like yours — power a better way to work. It’s what Citrix does to help you deliver a great user experience for your employees, to make sure they’re productive, and to ensure your IT team is able to maintain control over all your apps and data.

Citrix is transforming the way people experience work

One of the questions we’re asked most often is “What does Citrix do?” And it’s a great question, because Citrix isn’t something that you can see. It’s something you experience. So, how do we do that?

Intelligent Workspaces

We’ve long said that work isn’t a place; it’s a thing you do. It’s a thing you should be able to do from anywhere — whether that’s the office, your home, your local coffee house, or at 38,000 feet — and still be productive.

To make this possible, a workspace needs to be as flexible as its users. Your employees expect that their apps, their files, their content — their everything — will be available and ready for use when they want them, where they want them. That’s why Citrix doesn’t simply deliver digital workspaces. What we’re delivering, powered in part by our recent acquisition of micro-app provider Sapho, is an intelligent workspace; a workspace that will give users a seamless, intuitive work experience that adapts to their workstyle, no matter their location, no matter their device of choice, and allows them to be their most productive.

But it doesn’t stop there. The intelligent workspace must ensure IT maintains control and visibility over myriad SaaS, mobile, virtual, and web apps with a simple, integrated solution. Gone are the days of managing a glut of individual point products meant to protect innumerable individual devices. Citrix’s approach to security focuses on user behavior, rather than devices, to understand the ways people consume technology and apps to build risk profiles based on context.

Next-generation Networking

The network as you know it is changing. These days, a branch can be anything — from a regional HQ to a remote clinic to a bank branch to a pop-up store. Everything that happens in those branches is changing, too. How people work. The way they communicate. The services they provide. And perhaps most importantly, the apps they depend on. App use is evolving. Apps are multiplying and moving to the cloud. If your network wasn’t designed to handle that — if it’s too slow, too rigid, or too complicated — it won’t be able to adapt to new apps and changing business needs.

Enter Citrix next-gen networking technologies. These solutions help organizations get the network performance and security they need across their application portfolio while delivering users the experience they demand by offering a seamless way to access, deliver, and secure apps and data across any device, platform, or cloud. Just as Citrix allows information to go from the data center or cloud to the end user, our networking solutions allow the same data to move through the data center, allowing for an unparalleled employee experience and opening the door to a secure, rich, intelligent working environment.

Hybrid- and Multi-cloud Transformation

In a rapidly evolving business environment, both hybrid and multi-cloud deployments offer flexible, responsive answers to operational challenges. But which is the right solution for you? The answer isn’t always a simple one. The Citrix approach to cloud gives you the choice to deploy your apps and data where you want. On-prem (if you’re going old school), public cloud, private cloud, or any combination you like. Citrix helps organizations manage their cloud infrastructure with the flexibility to evolve. It provides an always-on, resilient workspace by unifying the management and security of increasingly diverse technologies. Our technology allows organizations to remain in control of the propagation of devices, networks, and clouds while they gain the confidence to adopt innovations in order to attract the talent required for businesses to remain competitive.

Experience Citrix Synergy

Citrix Synergy is networking, yes. It’s fun, yes. It’s community, yes. But at its heart, it’s about helping you deliver an industry-best experience for your employees (and attract the talent that’s vital to business continuity). That experience will allow them to work the way they want and be productive while giving you the control you need over apps and data.

We’ll see you in May in Atlanta, ready to reveal the future of work (and, yeah, the party is pretty good, too).