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Promise and Peril: Tasting the Juicy Sweetness & Security of IoT

Today, at the HPE Discover event in London, I was privileged to participate on a panel that was intriguingly entitled…

Powerful and Free! Logon Simulator for XenApp/XenDesktop Admins

Guest post by Andrew Morgan, ControlUp Having a great monitoring product running in your environment grants you a lot of…

Deploy NetScaler on AWS to Support Your Changing Workloads in the Cloud

As you move your applications to the Cloud, your ADC needs to move with them. Your organization is probably making…

通信事業者のNFV/SDN化を加速するNetScaler VPX 100G

Citrixは2016年、 統合管理監視ツールであるNetScaler MAS、 コンテナベースADCのNetScaler CPX等、新製品をリリースしています。この度、NFV/SDNへの移行を推進するNetScaler VPX 100Gを正式リリースしました。

OpenSSL November Advisory and NetScaler

A brief look at the newly announced November OpenSSL security advisory and its relevance to NetScaler.

Ventajas de NetScaler MAS Para Automatizar La Red y Reducir Costos

Open Networking Foundation (ONF), define la arquitectura SDN a través de diferentes conceptos, tales como la programabilidad de la red,…

Supportability Working for SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler

Supportability project to simplify and improve usability of SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler and NetScaler Gateway

Spin Up a Container Infrastructure & Demonstrate Interoperability with NetScaler CPX

Citrix recently announced that the industry leading Application Delivery Controller, Citrix NetScaler ADC, is now available in a container form…

CVE-2016-5195 – Dirty Cow and NetScaler

A quick discussion on the Dirty Cow vulnerability and its impact on NetScaler

Got a Digital Workspace? 5 BIG Reasons You Need One Now

When did you first implement a virtualization technology? Has it been 5 years? Maybe 10 years? Times have changed –…

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