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Powerful and Free! Logon Simulator for XenApp/XenDesktop Admins

Guest post by Andrew Morgan, ControlUp Having a great monitoring product running in your environment grants you a lot of…

OpenSSL November Advisory and NetScaler

A brief look at the newly announced November OpenSSL security advisory and its relevance to NetScaler.

Ventajas de NetScaler MAS Para Automatizar La Red y Reducir Costos

Open Networking Foundation (ONF), define la arquitectura SDN a través de diferentes conceptos, tales como la programabilidad de la red,…

Supportability Working for SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler

Supportability project to simplify and improve usability of SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler and NetScaler Gateway

CVE-2016-5195 – Dirty Cow and NetScaler

A quick discussion on the Dirty Cow vulnerability and its impact on NetScaler

A to Z: A Deployment Guide for Citrix XenApp in Azure

Deploying Citrix XenApp in Microsoft Azure is a hot topic for many customers and partners that I’ve had to pleasure…

Maximize Your Earnings. Get Citrix Certified.

Citrix has the largest number of certifications (six) in the list of top 20 highest-paying credentials!

Context-Aware Security with XenApp and XenDesktop

Remember how things were back in 2006? Ahhhh, those were the good old days, when security was simple – proper…

Here’s Why it Pays to Say “YES!” to Citrix Services

Our new Quick Guide to Citrix Services explains how to cut your project delivery times and minimize your project risks. It’s essential reading wherever you are in your Citrix journey, quickly laying out what you need to know about Citrix Consulting, Citrix Education and Citrix Support.

Identity Federation: Reaching Into Enterprise Apps

Many enterprises still struggle to keep passwords under control, even with single-sign-on technology. Innovation means new services, and each new…

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