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Aligning Strategy & Priorities to Help Partners Win in the Mid-market

Citrix is aligning its distribution strategy in the US and Canada to its priorities to help partners win in the…

HPE and Citrix: Delivering the Workspace of the Future

It’s been said many times: the greatest asset an organization has is its people. Talent and skill are always critical…

The Future of Work is Closer Than You Think!

Digital disruption is having a profound impact and companies need to establish connected digital workplaces that empower people to accomplish their goals and embrace a growing diverse workforce.

Unleash your XenDesktop Graphics Workloads with XenServer & NVIDIA vGPU

Unleash your XenDesktop Graphics Workloads: Live migration with XenServer and NVIDIA vGPU Citrix and NVIDIA have a long-standing partnership with…

Putting Our Expertise in Your Local Partner’s Hands

Now, with the arrival of our new Services Delivery Program, we’re combining the value of using a local Citrix Partner, with the power of our own Citrix Consulting IP. The program gives our Partners access to proven, Citrix-developed delivery guides, tools, training and assistance. So, whether you need help designing a solution that’s right the first time or optimizing your infrastructure, you can get the assistance you need, straight from the people who know you best.

Microsoft Goes Platinum at #CitrixSynergy

What do The Beatles, Adele and Microsoft all have in common? If you said “charming English accents,” well, you’d be…

Innovative Techniques to Reach Buyers First & Win Together with Citrix & Cisco

How can you get in front of more customers? According to Karen Walker, SVP & CMO, Cisco, most business customers…

Citrix License Usage Insights (LUI) Service Now Supports CPSM

The LUI service is a FREE cloud-based service that has been built for our Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners to…

Nutanix Brings New Innovation To Synergy

Nutanix, once again, is bringing their latest in Citrix integration and innovation to Synergy.

Citrix Partner Network Roundup: Synergy 2017, Cloud, Services Delivery & More

In our Citrix Partner Network Roundup blog series, we’re highlighting the most important Citrix Partner Network news, resources and stories you might have missed. Get the latest.

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