We’re fortunate to live in an age where a new digital tool is only a few clicks away, with someone, somewhere, always creating the next great productivity application to shave some time off of our digital grind. The obvious issue we’re facing, however, is that we now have too many options, and deciding which tool is right can be tough.

Citrix Content Collaboration (formerly ShareFile) has been a part of that dilemma, offering a beloved suite of productivity applications for our users and admins alike. Drive Mapper, for example, has been an essential component of Windows users’ productivity, enabling them to access all their files without performing a full sync. The desktop app, too, has given users a broad feature set and consistent experience across platforms. Sync gives mobile users the offline access to work wherever they want.

These choices within Citrix Content Collaboration can cause overhead for admins, and context switching between apps for users — depending on their needs at the time. This leads to a reduction in the very productivity the suite of apps was set to address.

That’s why we are excited to announce the general availability of Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac.

Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac will bring all the great features of Drive Mapper, the desktop app and sync into one unified experience. The new solution gives users less complexity. It works in Windows Explorer and macOS Finder, providing the features necessary to stay productive. Not only that, we’re adding even more functionality to the end-user experience, and simplifying the administration and management for admins.

End users will now have more options from Windows and Mac devices

Here are some examples:

  1. An additional right-click for contextual actions (based on account settings and user permissions) to:
    • Manage folder permissions
    • Add items to favorites
    • Initiate workflows
    • View item details such as notes and file versions
  2. The ability to set notifications when users upload, download, rename files or folders and check out / check in files
  3. A dashboard in the system tray / menu bar highlights recent activity
  4. Conflict prevention capability (macOS only)
    • End-user notifications occur when another user uploads a new version of a file or checks a file out while that same file is being viewed or edited.
Citrix Files: Unifying Drive Mapper, Sync, and Desktop App into a unified experience
Citrix Files: Unifying Drive Mapper, Sync, and Desktop App into a unified experience. 

Administrators now will be able to:

  1. Administer only one tool for either Windows or Mac; no longer need to administer two+ per operating system
  2. Create multiple mount points to specific folders, including connectors (Windows only)
  3. Manage existing settings, as well as more settings through group policies

As we move forward with Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac, you will see even more of your favorite features from existing ShareFile apps. With that in mind, the Citrix team will be rolling out these new features, including offline access, over time to our users. Stay on the lookout for future betas of these new features and general availability by subscribing to our release notes page.