In 1996, Bill Gates famously declared “Content is King.” While he was talking about the future of the internet, the sentiment applies to businesses of all sizes. Content, IP and data are the lifeblood of every organization. It’s what makes businesses unique and allows them to deliver a compelling value proposition to customers. It’s also the reason companies are projected to spend over $100 billion on cybersecurity by 2020, a nearly 40% increase from 2016, according to statistics cited by Jonathan Vanian in his article, “Here’s How Much Businesses Worldwide Will Spend on Cybersecurity by 2020.

In the past, securing all this content was easy — employees worked on company-issued devices and only used applications loaded on those devices or hosted by the company. All data resided in company-managed storage on-premises. Establishing a secure digital perimeter was straightforward.

Then everything changed.

Employees started accessing company data and content on personal devices. Applications became cloud-based. To help accommodate their global workforces, companies started using public and private clouds. In other words, doing business and securing content become complicated. And not just for IT. Employees struggled to find, share and collaborate on their content in a secure manner in addition to trying to bookmark all the different apps and data repositories they needed to do their jobs successfully.

This new business reality is what inspired Citrix to find a new way — with Citrix Workspace with Content Collaboration.

Citrix Workspace delivers a unified experience for apps, content and managed devices in one environment. Coupled with analytics, the Workspace provides companies with the ability to proactively monitor their IT environments, as well as employees’ actions, while establishing a secure digital perimeter around the various access points into the network.

But Content Collaboration takes it a step further. By focusing on experience, choice, and security, Content Collaboration provides features to help employees share, collaborate, and iterate securely while also enabling IT to modernize its infrastructure in a manageable way.

What Content Collaboration can do for IT

We know IT is constantly balancing providing the experience and services end users demand with security and compliance. We also know companies are managing transformational projects such as Win10 and Office365 migration, app and IT modernization as well as hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives. In other words, IT is in transition. Content Collaboration can make all of this easier in several ways:

  • Through connectors to other cloud repositories as well as legacy network shares, IT can put off or even avoid costly migration projects and also provide access to all data from a central, secure location.
  • Leveraging Citrix Analytics and integrated data protection features, IT can proactively monitor user behavior and address security risks before they become security breaches
  • Content Collaboration extends the value of Office365 by providing access to OneDrive for Business in virtualized environments.

What Content Collaboration can do for end users

Work is now global and it crosses geographic and company boundaries. Many end users must collaborate with others outside of the company to do their jobs successfully, and this means sharing proprietary company content and data. Content Collaboration helps support productivity by:

  • Providing a secure way to externally share and track content
  • Leveraging workflows to organize processes and streamline collaboration
  • Providing access to all data and content from one central location, saving precious time searching for files in a variety of environments

Get More out of your Workspace

Every company is on a journey. Citrix wants to support that transformation with Citrix Workspace by providing the flexibility to address the challenges of the modern day business in a unified environment. Content Collaboration, included in Workspace Premium and Premium Plus offerings, enables IT to protect valuable company content and enhance productivity. Learn more about Citrix Workspace.