Organizational leaders constantly add new apps and solutions to meet specific business needs. Often they don’t understand the ramifications that those disparate apps and solutions will have on the overall user experience during a typical day’s work.

Citrix Workspace leads the charge in solving that problem. It achieves three key things that cannot be matched by our competition:

  1. It enables top-tier user productivity and unrivaled user experience over any network, with any workload.
  2. It provides a Secure Digital Perimeter to protect users, apps, and data in any scenario.
  3. It delivers unique flexibility and unified management for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid scenarios.

How does Citrix Workspace do all these things? It combines a wide array of unique and industry-first capabilities that alleviate the confusion and negatively that impact user experience and productivity. On the administrative side, it addresses the management complexity. Finally, Citrix Workspace helps leaders balance the contradicting needs of various business units, prevent leakage of corporate data, and spot malicious behavior all at the same time.

Citrix Workspace, solves some of management’s biggest challenges by  taking a new approach that improves the user experience for both IT admins and end users, all while improving overall security.

Citrix Workspace is a modern digital workspace that puts all of your apps, data, and communications in one place. With Citrix Workspace, internal web apps, SaaS apps, mobile apps, Windows and Linux-based apps can all exist in one unified platform. Additionally, Citrix Workspace also integrates data solutions (personal, corporate-owned, shared with customers/partners/co-workers), as well as collaboration solutions, such as Unified Communication (e.g. Skype for Business), and content- centric workflows (e.g. reviews, approvals, signatures). Citrix Workspace is the future of work.


Citrix Workspace integrates apps and files in a unified, context-aware interface. This unique integration of apps, files, and workflows in a single interface gives users an unmatched experience that greatly decreases the time it takes to accomplish their work. Another, and often overlooked, aspect of the user experience is the cross-platform experience. Citrix Workspace app is designed to have the same look and feel, regardless of the platform or device being used. This allows users to seamlessly switch devices and continue to work in a comfortable and familiar way. It also empowers administrators by helping reduce support calls and giving a broader choice of supported platforms.

Industry-leading mobile productivity applications & integration with Office 365

When it comes to Office 365, other vendors have difficulty matching the integration capabilities of Citrix Workspace. With an industry-first capability of sharing MAM containers with Microsoft Intune, Citrix Workspace is uniquely capable of communicating with Office 365 on mobile devices. This allows seamless cut/copy/paste between Citrix productivity apps and Office 365 apps. Giving users the power to easily work between Office 365 apps and Secure Mail, Citrix’s extremely popular, full-featured mail app.

Simple & Secure Content Collaboration

Citrix Content Collaboration has consistently been touted as a leader by industry analysts, for example, Gartner named Citrix a leader in its 2018 Content Collaboration Magic Quadrant. It is an industry-leading product in its own rite, but as a piece of the overall Workspace puzzle, it becomes a juggernaut of collaboration and productivity. Among the many unique capabilities are customizable workflows & forms, legally binding eSignatures, and robust integrations. Citrix Content Collaboration allows organizations to connect all of their disparate file storage locations to one interface. Additionally, Citrix Content Collaboration has native integrations into the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Office 365, and G suite. All of this allows the best possible option to share content with co-workers, customers, partners, and vendors.

Best performance over any network & with any device for Windows and Linux applications

Citrix Workspace delivers unmatched performance over any network and with any device. Powered by Citrix HDX technologies, it seamlessly adapts for a stunning user experience over congested or distant networks, and using all kinds of accessories and peripherals. All of these aspects combine to create an extremely consistent experience regardless of network or device.


Holistic workspace-centric user behavior analytics (UBA) and risk scoring

Citrix Workspace offers state-of-the-art protection against loss of intellectual property with proactive detection of unauthorized activities. Citrix Workspace benefits from a holistic approach to security, but using user behavior data from network, VDI, content, and web/SaaS apps to monitor any anomalies that might indicate a security issue. All of the user data is aggregated to create a real-time user risk score based on that user’s typical usage patterns. These patterns are identified using machine learning to create a baseline of a user’s normal behavior. Corrective actions are taken autonomously to mitigate risk when a user behaves abnormally. Citrix Analytics’ capabilities allow for industry leading security that contributes to an unmatched user experience.

Advanced security controls for apps and files

Many companies have adopted a single sign-on solution to help employees access company-sanctioned web and SaaS apps, but if you do not have a centralized place to enforce security policies, how do you control what a user can do post-authentication into a SaaS app? How do you control a user from posting or downloading data, taking a screenshot or sharing? As part of Citrix Workspace, Citrix Access Control provides a seamless single sign-on user experience and gives IT security tools that provide contextual and granular access to apps and internet browsing, enhancing the organization’s overall security and compliance posture. Companies gain enhanced security and granular policy controls such as clipboard access and watermarking for SaaS apps. Citrix Access Control also integrates with Citrix Analytics to detect anomalies, automatically taking action and providing deep insight and visibility in the application landscape.


Unified management experience for all aspects of a digital workspace

The day-to-day management of Citrix Workspace provides a best-in-class user experience. With a variety of tools, admins can rely on industry-leading application and image management solutions, which enable agile management processes and ensure high operational efficiency. Citrix Workspace delivers one console for all configuration and management tasks with built-in cross-solution workflows to simplify setup. This provides a vastly improved IT admin experience that is optimized for admin productivity and simplified troubleshooting.

True multi-cloud and multi-platform flexibility

Every customer is unique. That is why we continuously deliver solutions for the broadest use cases to empower the most flexible workspace. Companies want the flexibility and control to deliver everything employees need to be productive — their apps and data at their fingertips — from any device, still safely behind corporate security layers.

Citrix Workspace empowers flexibility by taking a multi-cloud and multi-platform approach to fit IT strategies and meet companies wherever they are on their cloud journey. That is why Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops can be delivered from any of the major hypervisors — Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer), Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, or VMware vSphere – or public clouds — Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud. This allows IT to spin up virtual desktops (VDI) and virtual application wherever they choose. Similarly, Citrix Content Collaboration provides the flexibility of where to store your data with any mix of network shares, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Documentum, or hosted with Citrix — all while providing enterprise file sharing capabilities with a single interface for admins to manage the platform and users to access the data. We frequently hear from customers that Citrix works for them because of this flexibility, and we continue to develop for new platforms and use cases as the industry and workplace evolves.

“One of the stipulations we made to the cloud service providers we considered was that they not lock us into any particular cloud. Citrix Cloud was the only one that allowed us to deploy today to say, Azure, AWS, or any other environment,” explains Rachel O’Gorman, Senior Service Manager for CloudPC at Autodesk. “So, if today I’m using Azure, and it’s X dollars per user, and if tomorrow Google Cloud or AWS has a better rate, I want to be able to move my workloads between them.”

While many vendors claim to provide solutions that enable organizations to deliver a modern digital workspace, none of them can compete with the depth and breadth of Citrix Workspace. Citrix Workspace ensures that users have a great experience and can be productive independent of device, location or application used. Citrix Workspace ensures corporate data is safe and malicious activities are spotted quickly. Citrix Workspace ensures admins can manage and support the digital workspace efficiently.