At Citrix Synergy 2018, we unveiled the all-new Citrix Secure Mail, bringing a brand new user experience to our industry leading enterprise mail client. During the Day One Keynote, we primarily showcased the end-user experience, however behind the scene there is solid engineering backing this solution.

What I find particularly interesting about what we’ve done here is the set of productivity integrations within Secure Mail. Not only is this a brand new capability, it brings tremendous value to end-users and administrators.

With Citrix Secure Mail, we dramatically improve end-user productivity, enterprise security, and enable a suite of integrations to third-party applications. Typically, productivity suffers when corporate policies are enforced; Citrix Secure Mail solves for that challenge by improving both security and productivity.

Citrix Secure Mail is focused on improving the experience for the end-users and one of the ways we do this through integration with the Citrix Workspace app. The new set of features that are being offered with Secure mail offer a seamless experience with fully integrated content. This allows the content to stay within the mail but have the ability to integrate with ShareFile or other content stores.

At Synergywe highlighted the following list of innovations that are new to Secure Mail.

  • Tabbed Navigation — We are blue and we have ditched the slider! Keeping the user experience consistent, Secure Mail allows users to move between multiple tabs within mail, calendar, contacts, and files. Universal Search is also offered in all tabs allowing end users to find what they are looking with ease.

Context aware mail buttons within each tabs allows the users to either compose an email or compose a new meeting invite or within the mail context respond to various actions that a user can perform – a pretty cool way for enabling end-user productivity.

  • Feeds and Prioritized Inbox — This reflects the prioritized view of the day in the life of an end-user. It indicates all the key important emails, meeting invites, upcoming invites and we give the users the ability to pin any sub folders which are important for them. Again, we are scratching the surface here — the ability for us to drive “smartness” into email is important for us to filter conversations for our end users.

  • Enriched Photo Attachment Experience — the ability for users now to multi-select/de-select photos and also with an enhanced attachment experience. Again, the focus here is to make the end user productive as they are working on mail.

  • Export Secure mail Calendar Events to native calendar and Apple watch allows end users to be notified of all their upcoming meetings. They can also respond to the meeting invite with options such as Running late. This will be productive for users to be always be up to date and be in sync with their meeting invites.

  • Suite of third-party Integrations — Citrix Secure Mail continues to plan on integrating a suite of third-party integrations, such as GoToMeeting [existing], Skype for Business, Slack, Salesforce, Concur, Office Teams, and more! At Citrix Synergy, we showed the Slack integration, which is a smart way of taking your email conversations into Slack and driving productivity for your end users. All this happens with a seamless sign-on experience. We ensure that security is critical, hence the integration is both controlled via a policy for the end-user and the administrators who can decide based on their enterprise needs.

Salesforce integrations allow the users to approve/reject a Salesforce approval in the context of the email without leaving/bouncing off mail to go to Salesforce to approve/reject. Imagine this for an end-user who can now be tracking all these are individual contextual workflows that can be satisfied in the context of mail client. Another cool innovation that helps the end-users.

We continue to accelerate our innovation with Secure Mail allowing our end-users to be productive and secure while having the best overall experience. Our goal is to simplify the enterprise mail experience by making it easy for users to access their content and to be seamlessly integrated within the Citrix Workspace app.The good news is that Citrix is in the business of helping organizations of all stripes navigate the transformation needed to achieve their own vision for the future of work.

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