For those of you who attended Citrix Synergy, the words: Experience, Choice and Security will be all too familiar. And as we continue to innovate our products and solutions, we do so keeping these business outcomes in mind.

Available over the next seven days, XenMobile 10.8.25 client release highlights two areas:

Experience — A simpler, more efficient navigation.
Security — S/MIME for derived credentials.

For Secure Mail, our enterprise-grade mail client, a key focus is user experience and providing intuitive single click actions to simplify daily tasks on a mail client. With this release, Secure Mail has a revamped look and feel:a sleek new user experience and user interface. Last week, I provided an sneak peek into some of the new features being released in 10.8.25. The left-hand grabber icon has been removed, and Secure Mail features, such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Attachments are now available as buttons in the footer tab bar. We have also introduced top navigation and floating action buttons, improving the experience for a business power user.

But what is an enterprise mail client without security? Security remains top of mind for IT, especially since sensitive corporate data passes through email. Also, most phishing attacks happen through email. This release enables S/MIME for derived credentials on iOS. S/MIME protects emails from unwanted access, digitally signing your emails to verify you as the sender of the message. From the admin console, IT can select derived credentials as the source for S/MIME certificates, adding an additional level of security to help protect from phishing attacks. Send and receive encrypted emails without the need of a smart card reader.

For XenMobile 10.8.25, we will release the Secure Mail app leveraging the public app store phased/staged release process, which means the Secure Mail 10.8.25 update will be available in the Google Play or Apple App Store over the course of this week.

For additional documentation including full feature list, known issues and fixed issues inthe XenMobile 10.8.25 client release, click HERE.

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