Enterprises are in the middle of a huge digital transformation — the incoming workforce is already entrenched in a digital workstyle. Enterprises are trying to meet this need by introducing and adopting different technologies such as mobile, bring-your-own-device and SaaS services. They need to strike the balance between security and productivity.  They need to have high levels of visibility while providing complete freedom and flexibility for their workforce.

Citrix portfolio products (Sharefile, XenMobile, XenApp/XenDesktop, and NetScaler) are in the path of every one of these interactions. They are all points where we can gain insights and also points where policy action can be taken. Citrix Analytics unifies these portfolio products and creates an end-to-end visibility that is unrivaled in the industry.

Most analytics products require users to install and manage multiple agents, making the solution complex. Unlike point products where there is a lot of additional effort that needs to be spent in managing agents that collect data, with Citrix Analytics the data collection is built into the product itself. This make the data collection instantaneous.

We have combined our experience in working with enterprise customers along with big data machine learning technologies to create user behavior models that helps us identify risky behavior. We have cross correlated users across our portfolio product and created models that predict user behavior across different vectors. Using these models, we are able to pinpoint anomalous behavior and kill chains.

We have built a close loop action system that can take contextual action based on the rules set using the parameters identified by the analytics system. For example, if we detect a suspicious behavior from XenMobile where an unauthorized device is used, we can trigger an action to enable session recording in XenApp/XenDesktop. There are lots of similar non-intrusive but effective actions available across the Citrix portfolio.

The Citrix Analytics service unifies the Citrix portfolio, by providing an instant-on, machine learning based, closed loop, autonomous system that provides user behavior analytics.