Citrix Analytics

Proactively manage user and application security threats, improve application performance and support continuous operations using actionable insights collected across Citrix offerings.

Predictive and prescriptive insights spanning the Citrix portfolio

Citrix Analytics collects data across Citrix offerings and generates actionable insights, enabling administrators to proactively handle user and application security threats, improve app performance, and support continuous operations.

Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to data that spans network traffic, users, files, and endpoints to identify and take action on malicious user behavior and app performance anomalies. Delivered as a Citrix Cloud service, straightforward visual dashboards present findings that are easy to understand.

Key benefits of Citrix Analytics

  • Handle user and app security threats before they happen.

  • Uncover app and data usage trends.

  • Improve app performance and support continuous operations.

  • Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services to provide complete secure digital workspaces.

Citrix Analytics gives you:

  • Automated aggregation of data and intelligent analytics using machine learning.
  • Easy access and simple onboarding of multiple Citrix offerings.
  • Deep insights that grow richer as more Citrix offerings are added as data sources. 

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Citrix Analytics will be available to a limited number of customers for evaluation and feedback.

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