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Accelerate ISV Business Transformation with the Power of Citrix Cloud

Today, we are going to dive into the mechanics of how Citrix Cloud can help an application ISV address the unique opportunity to deliver their customers a SaaS-like experience.

The Way We Work: How the Move to Cloud Services Is Transforming Citrix Procurement

As we have shifted our focus, putting Citrix Cloud at the center of our product strategy, we are also seeing the cloud transform the way we work across all functions of our business.

Understanding Contextual Access — Login and Access Methods Can Make Sense

Contextual access is all about adapting to ever-changing situations involving devices, locations, data sensitivity levels, threats and vulnerabilities that are risk-matched to desired business outcomes.

NetScaler MAS: Providing Clear Visibility into Hybrid Cloud Environments

This is the third post in a series that is exploring the ways hybrid cloud-based and SaaS applications are driving a new approach to application delivery.

In a Hybrid Cloud World: Think Beyond Traditional Application Delivery Networking

Networking is not immune to industry shifting changes around cloud and SaaS computing. Traditional networking perimeters encompassed corporate assets either…

Fairview Health Services Boosts Productivity, Improves Patient Care with Citrix

Fairview Health Services Boosts Productivity, Improves Patient Care with Citrix Unified, Secure Access to Apps and Data IT executives are…

Citrix 100 Days of Customers – Clint Newell Auto Group Drives Growth with Citrix Cloud

While SaaS apps, mobility, and cloud have delivered great benefits, the rapid adoption and convergence of these technologies have also…

Forecast Calling for Cloud? Learn the Steps to Blue Skies

When discussing cloud with customers, some of the most common themes are “How do we get started? What are my…

The Way We Work: A Look at the Transformative Power of the Cloud Inside Citrix

Citrix set a clear path back at Synergy 2015 toward the way people would consume their workspaces. Powered by the…

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