The world of IT is changing at a rapid pace. Employees are, more than ever, working remotely. They’re in coffee houses and parks or in their homes — working where they want to work — and they’re working from the devices and applications they want to use, rather than being tethered to a corporate-issued laptop or smartphone. Adoption of SaaS and cloud-based services has added further complications. These changes to the workspace and work styles are forcing businesses to re-evaluate the way they provide these resources securely, and in a way that doesn’t disrupt their employees’ productivity and experience.

A formal cloud strategy is an excellent way for IT teams to proactively support these new work styles with a digital workspace, but it can also cause a number of challenges — especially when it comes to securing devices, apps, and data within a hybrid cloud model. These challenges include ensuring a consistent end-user experience, enforcing unified policy control, and guaranteeing security and compliance across SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud application delivery environments — ultimately compromising assurance and confidence in defending against new threats and ever more sophisticated attacks.

Such factors are stressing traditional network and enterprise data center perimeters — making it necessary for a new security framework. A framework that expands the traditional security perimeter (attack based) into the cloud and across multiple devices and networks to address the increased threat of cyber-security. The list of unknown security vectors has increased dramatically which includes both internal and external threat vectors, but the one constant known entity is the user.

Our perspective on the modern workspace is that a digital workspace provides a unified and contextual end to end experience for users across all types of apps and content accessed at any location and on any device. Our vision for digital workspaces requires a trusted, people-centric security framework — a secure digital perimeter. This security approach is a key enabler for delivering our vision of the workspace and helping customers to execute on their cloud strategy and digital transformation plans securely.

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