It’s the moment we have all been waiting for (well, at least the moment I have been looking forward to!) for quite some time.

Today marks the general availability of the Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service, which makes the world a more secure, one web browser at a time. With the rising frequency of ransomware, malware, and data theft attacks originating from users browsing the internet, organizations need a new way to segregate high-risk web traffic and execution of web code away from the internal, trusted network. That solution is Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service!

Secure Browser Standard Service protects your corporate network from browser-based attacks by isolating web browsing from the corporate network. Your users need internet access to be productive, right? You have to ensure that their browsing activities don’t compromise security of the network, right? With Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service, you can do both!

With Secure Browser Standard Service, employees have access to the internet to stay productive, but the web browser they use is completely isolated from the corporate network and hosted in a public cloud. If a user accidently encounters a risky website or clicks a hazardous link from within the cloud-hosted web browser, the potentially hazardous action is kept completely separate from the corporate network.

Those are the basics, but the power of the solution comes into play when we factor in Citrix HDX technology. Citrix high-definition remote access technology make it possible for any user on any device to access the isolated web browser – hosted in the cloud – with the performance and interactivity of a locally installed browser with zero end-point configuration.

Finally! With Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service, you have an easy-to-use cloud service that ensures IT administrators can offer their users a high-quality internet access experience without sacrificing security.

Let’s talk about how easy this service actually is!

Secure Browser Standard Service is available, fully hosted, on Citrix Cloud. It includes all the management components to provide your users with access to the secure browser; however, this is an end-to-end web isolation solution. Unlike any other Citrix Cloud service available today, the Secure Browser Standard Service includes all the associated cloud IaaS used to host the isolated web browser.

Secure Browser Standard Service is ready to go right out of the “box” (or the Cloud, in this case 😎 ), so you can get up and running in a snap. Secure Browser Service can be set up in minutes and integrates seamlessly with an on-premises instance of Citrix StoreFront to showcase the new isolated web browser instance side-by-side with your published XenApp applications or XenDesktop VDI instances.

You can register today for a free 30-day trial or, if you are ready to purchase, the following pricing information summarizes the offering:

  • Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service pricing starts as low as $4.50 per user/device per month based on a three-year contract (additional discounts may apply).
  • Secure Browser Standard Service requires a minimum purchase of 25 users and a minimum term of one year.
  • All users/devices within a single organization will share an initial allotment of 5,000 hours per year (300,000 minutes per year).
  • You can purchase additional allocations of pooled hours (Citrix Secure Browser Service 1000 Hours Pooled Add-On) to share across all users/devices at the SRP of $300 for each additional 1,000 hours per year (60,000 minutes per year).

Visit to learn more about Secure Browser Standard Service and start your trial today, and get started making the world a little more secure!