Citrix Service Providers and their customers can now leverage one of the best features Citrix Content Collaboration has to offer — electronic signatures.

Citrix Content Collaboration with electronic signatures provides an unparalleled user experience and document-signing solution that saves users time, money, and hassle. Here’s a look at what you can do with this feature:

  • Reduce Cycle Times — Reduce the cycle time of getting a document signed from hours or days to a few minutes. Accelerate revenue by closing deals faster. Your users can even send documents and obtain signatures while they are still on the phone with prospects. In a competitive market, time to close matters.
  • Look More Professional — Our elegant online signing process promotes your company’s efficiency, professionalism, and innovation. Custom branding reinforces your business image in email communications and document screens. You can even embed document signing in your website for a seamless user experience on your domain.
  • Gain Visibility into the Sales Pipeline — Your users receive immediate notification when parties sign documents, or even if they view documents without signing. There’s no more wondering if the fax went through or the overnight envelope was misplaced. The Citrix Content Collaboration dashboard provides a complete, detailed listing of document status. Also, administrative statistics empower supervisors to evaluate team performance.
  • Streamline Business Processes — Close deals while still on the phone. Post common forms, such as credit and employment applications, as Online Forms on your company website. Automate repetitive workflows by integrating your internal systems with the Citrix electronic signature API.
  • Fulfill Compliance Requirements — Each document contains an auditable activity log, including IP addresses and time stamps, meeting stringent compliance regulations. In addition, templates set up with required fields guarantee that documents aren’t returned incomplete. Secure archiving ensures contracts are always accessible.
  • Strengthen Legal Defensibility — Our technology meets and exceeds U.S. and E.U. legislative requirements for electronic signature legal validity. E-signed documents have authentication, security, and audit features that provide significantly more robust legal defensibility compared to traditional paper documents.
  • Bolster Privacy and Security — While faxes are exposed in offices and express envelopes sit on doorsteps, Citrix electronic signature documents are transmitted directly to signing parties. Document contents, including data entered in form fields, are protected by Citrix’s bank-level security protocols.

Get Citrix Content Collaboration and Electronic Signatures

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