Upgrading legacy infrastructure by way of cloud computing is like dragons on cable TV — really hot right now.

But before we all start declaring for House Cloud and ripping out legacy infrastructure root and stem, we need to acknowledge that, for the near future, some old ways are still required for many, and these organizations need solutions that support a hybrid approach for many of their critical processes like content collaboration.

Content and data are the lifeblood of any organization, underscoring the importance of having these assets readily available for end users to collaborate and be productive on, yet also be secure and compliant to satisfy IT. Historically, such assets have resided within the confines of on-premises data centers, but such set-ups have been costly to maintain and support, and provide a frustrating end user experience.

More and more organizations are turning to private and public cloud environments to host their data and content, proving a successful strategy to combat these escalating challenges and costs. However, many legacy applications (and their data) can’t be simply migrated, with some subject to compliance regulations that require them to remain on-premises. With that in mind, organizations aren’t subscribing to a one-cloud-to-rule-them-all strategy, but instead a hybrid/multi-cloud deployment.

So, what’s the answer for content and data in this new world? Adaptability, perhaps. Instead of undergoing a complex migration, organizations will choose to update their application architecture to support these complex environments.

How then, can they keep their content and files within these legacy, on-premises storage centers but implement new application architectures to modernize without migration?

Enter Citrix Content Collaboration within the Citrix Workspace.

Flexibility, Security, Productivity

Citrix Content Collaboration provides the flexibility, security and productivity needs of modern enterprises, giving access to cloud or on-premises files from any device and any location, while supporting compliance requirements where necessary.

Using our connector technology, organizations can provide their end users a centralized, modern Workspace to see and collaborate on all their files in one place, across any device. Organizations are able to leave files stored in network shares, but liberate them without the need for VPN access or migration to Citrix Content Collaboration. Citrix Workspace provides access to these files directly alongside files and folders stored within Citrix cloud repositories, as well as other cloud repositories like OneDrive for Business, Box and Google Drive.

Through Citrix Content Collaboration, enterprises can provide access to network shares stored within on-premises data centers directly alongside their other content repositories, without the need for VPN access or file migration.

Ensuring a Secure Hybrid-Cloud Environment

Access is one thing, but security is tantamount to any hybrid-cloud environment. When connecting Citrix Content Collaboration to Citrix Analytics, organizations can proactively monitor and establish prescriptive action on abnormal and risky behavior such as excessive downloads or accessing information from an unusual place. Cementing this hybrid-cloud value is the ability of Citrix Analytics to monitor files and data stored within Citrix cloud repositories, along with the connected personal cloud and network share environments. Furthermore, Citrix Analytics also connects with other products to get a full view of content across connected repositories, providing unparalleled visibility and security across these environments.

Citrix Content Collaboration within Citrix Workspace delivers to organizations the most effective content and data framework to drive their hybrid-cloud strategy. Organizations have the ability to plan a cloud journey at their own pace, without the need for costly data migrations and disruptions to end users. They also gain industry-leading security and analytics to ensure visibility across these complex data repository environments.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates across Citrix Content Collaboration and the Citrix Workspace, including the new intelligence features set to streamline content and improve employee experience!

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